Monthly Archives: March 2010

The Mindset of a Successful Internet Marketer

When you go from working a 9 to 5 and venture into the new and exciting world of internet marketing, it’s important that you come with an open mind. Making money online defies everything our society has taught us about what it takes to be successful.

I could throw around the same statistics that we have all heard before about how few people make it online, but the reality is that the only that distinguishes someone who fails online vs. someone who succeeds is their mindset.  The individual who fails is one who makes excuses and gives up the minute they encounter a road block.

The person who succeeds is one who encounters the road block and either breaks it down or finds a way to get around it.  The person who succeeds holds the mindset that success is the only option.  Therefore, when they encounter a road block, they not only figure out how they got to where they are but learn not to do it again.

For the person who succeeds, there are no mistakes.  There are only incidences from which to learn.   Whenever you start something new, you are going to have a lot of those.  The up side to this is that once you make every possible “incident of learning” there possible is, the only thing left is success.

The problem with the average person, however,  is that they give up and surrender to the fact that they are destined to live out their lives in whatever state their life is currently in, and there is no way out or hope for the future.  I, however, am not average and refuse to settle for less than I deserve!  Are you?