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How to Write Less and Make More Money by Optimizing Your Page for Multiple Keywords

Whenever you first start making money online with affiliate marketing, the first place you usually start is with Search Engine Optimization (getting your stuff seen in Google and the other search engines for your desired keywords).  There are a number of reason for this.  First, it’s free.  Secondly, you gain knowledge and skills that you use later down the line in various other methods like paid advertising at zero cost.

However, there is a down side to using Search Engine Optimization.  In addition to the time it takes, there is the school of thought that you have to write a bunch of articles to make it work.  Well, this is not true, which is good for me because I am kind of lazy.  🙂  Instead, the trick is to write only a couple of articles and get them ranked for as many keywords as possible.  There is, however, a strategy to this.

Let’s take a product from the internet marketing space since that’s my main niche.  Before you ask, this technique does work in niches outside of internet marketing.  I have done it in the “learn Spanish, gardening” and “dating/relationship” niches as well.  Oh, you should also know that search engines only count the FIRST 60 CHARACTERS, including spaces! A letter = 1 character.

Jonny Andrews recently released a product called “Underground Money Buttons.”  If I were going to write a review to promote this product, I would use product-related keywords.  I would first make sure I used common niche keyword phrases  in my title–making sure to keep them at 60 character max.  For example, I might say something like the following:

“Underground Money Buttons System Review – Is It a Scam”

If you look at this example, you will notice that the title is fewer than 60 characters long and that I used common niche keyword phrases like “review,” “scam,” and “system.”  More importantly though, I wrote the title in the proper word order. For instance, this title could get me ranked for “Underground Money Buttons System,” “Underground Money Buttons Review,” “Underground Money Buttons Scam” and others.

Word Order is important because if I were a user typed in the keywords “Underground Money Buttons Review,” the keywords “Underground,” Money,” “Buttons,” and “Review” would be highlighted.  The actual keywords you optimize your page for will vary depending upon the popular keywords people use to find stuff in your niche.  You should also use said keywords throughout your article in the proper word order as well as in your tags and page description (introduction, if you are creating a Squidoo lens).