Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Key to Making Big Money Online Without a List

When you’re making money online, a lot of people wonder if it’s possible to have big pay days–without having a list, especially since it takes time to learn how to get everything down.   From my personal experience, there are two main components: traffic and up-sells.  When it comes to traffic, it’s not just about the amount of traffic but the quality of traffic.

Once you start getting enough traffic and making sales, pay close attention to those in which people purchase up-sells since some sales pages convert better than others.  Once you start noticing some trends, push those products every way you can.  A good way to do this, especially if you promote internet marketing products, is to pitch a product  of your choice whenever a crappy one comes along.

That way, you will have multiple pages to make money from the same product.  This is especially important if the quality product that you are promoting doesn’t get much traffic itself (happens a lot).  I have also found that when I use this method, people tend to trust my judgment and go with my recommendation, which means my conversion rates are a lot higher than average.  This is the reason quality of traffic is more important than quantity of traffic.  I’ve made hundreds of dollars a day from pages that only get a few hits a day b/c people are always grabbing the up-sells.  It’s also for this reason that my refund rates are really low.

Once people get tired of losing money by falling for all these “pie-in-the-sky” promises, they just want to hear the truth and will stick with a legit program, especially when they feel that they will see success if they stick with it.  There only other option is to stay in their current financial position, so it’s like a no brainer.