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Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing in 2012 and More

When it comes to online marketing, the first step — finding a profitable niche market to go into — is often one of the most challenging things to do for a newbie but crucial since your niche determines what kinds of affiliate products you are going to be selling, so I thought I would compile a list of just some of the best niches markets for 2012 as well as some suggestions on how you can  enter the markets and finally some recommended training so that by the time 2012 gets here, you will have already made some money!

Weight loss – global epidemic, people are always making new year’s resolutions to lose weight, P90X – more than 2 million searches a month for this one keyword, “Biggest Loser” – related products

Learn guitar – really popular hobby, people who want to learn to play guitar can often use recommendations for a quality guitar, look for brands of guitars used by popular musicians

Dating/Relationships – who wants to be alone, especially during the holidays?  Dr. Phil has built his entire career on it, Steve Harvey has a popular book geared toward women, there was also that book and corresponding movie about He’s Just Not That Into You.

Video games – big for the holidays and year around, in addition to promoting the games promote gaming systems and accessories

Electronics – given recent events, all things Apple come to mind, also a good idea to promote products that come out on a yearly basis or whatever that are part of a series

Learn Spanish – Spanish is the 2nd most-widely spoken language in the world, spanning many countries and continents, important since we know live in a global society, used in workplace, for hobby, by travelers

Fashion – can be broken down by gender, brand and more, think celebrity clothing lines and beyond

Shoes – can be broken down by gender, brand, purpose of shoe, and more, think celebrity and beyond

Golf – expensive, recreational hobby where people have lots of money to spend, think celebrity equipment and such, can be used for other popular sports as well

Quit Smoking – shockingly more than 800,000 people are trying to kick the habit on a monthly basis, especially around the new year

Gardening – saves people money and promotes healthy eating and responsibility, outdoor and indoor products – the Aerogarden

Pet Industry – training for animals like dogs, pet insurance, clothing and accessories and more

All of the niche listed above are profitable, so the one you choose is all about your personal preference.  With the holiday season right around the corner and so many products coming out, now is the time to get going.  Now that you have an idea of some of the top niches for affiliate marketing in 2012, all that you need now is the proper training so that you can position yourself to cash in.  Click the link below to take advantage of the holiday madness.

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