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How to Get a Clicksure Refund

Hello, guys and gals.  This post is going to be short and sweet.  As the title suggest, I’m going to tell you how to get a refund from Clicksure (what has become the common payment processor for a great many IM products once a lot of the gurus got kicked off of Clickbank after Clickbank tightened it’s advertising rules and such) and a reality check.  At the time of writing this post, I have not come across one quality product on Clicksure (at least in the IM space, so I would avoid it like the plague).

To get a refund from Clicksure, all you have to do is to Click the link below, and follow the instructions.  It’s a good idea to search your inbox for the e-mail that Clicksure sends out whenever you purchase a product from them.  All of the internet products that I’ve come across on the Clicksure network offer a 60-day money back guarantee (from the date of purchase).  Oh, Clicksure is based in the UK.  It takes a while to get your refund from them (like some two weeks).  Anyway, here’s the refund request link:

In closing, I want to ask you to stop falling for the hype.  The truth is that there is no “software” that’s going to make you tons of money overnight with the click of a button and very little work.  Making money takes effort on your part.  It’s about finding  business models, finding one that fits you and your goals, and then learning and implementing what it is that you learn — real talk.  If you’re ready for that, I invite you to click the link below, where you will find a list of various business methods and products that teach them.