Monthly Archives: May 2013

The Beauty of Promoting Higher-Priced, Quality Products

When it comes to making money online, we all want to make as much money as we possibly can because the truth is that, while helping people is great (should also be a goal), this is a business.  From that standpoint, promoting higher-priced products makes total sense — especially when you consider that the promotional work that you have to do for a product — whether it’s higher or lower-priced — is the same.

With that said, there is something major that I’ve noticed in the past little while, given that I promote both lower and higher-priced products.  I’ve noticed that as long as you choose a quality product, the refund/chargeback rates for the more expensive products I promote have been non-existent — really!  One in particular, called Affilobleprint (review), is on Clickbank.  I recommend that you use it and promote it if you are struggling with blogging and hitting that $100/day mark — it pays that well!  Some others are on independent affiliate programs that pay via Paypal, which I have to wait to be paid on.

Anyway, the moral of the story is not to shy away from promoting higher-priced products.  Here’s a tip.  More expensive, quality products are totally worth it, but you can’t think to yourself “This is too expensive.  I would never buy it.”  You have to think of it in terms of how the product will improve the potential customer’s life.  From that perspective, a quality product that solves a major problem they are dealing with is priceless.  It’s like the more it cost, the harder they are willing to work to solve their problem with your recommendation.

Yours in online success,