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Case Study: Work From No Home System Review: Part 3

I’m finally back with Part 3 of my Work From No Home case study.  The last time that we spoke, I told you that I contacted customer support in order to get some questions answered before I could proceed.  Well, here’s what’s been doing on.  While I was able to get an almost an immediate response from the support staff (less than a day), my questions had to be forwarded to Peng’s team.  Getting a response from them was taking a bit too long for my taste.

I’m usually a very patient person, but during this case study is not one of those times, so I decided to take a different approach.  I decided to contact John Chow.  Some of you may have heard of him.  He is Peng Joon’s business partner and like the godfather of blogging, so I thought who better to ask me questions to, right?  Well, I e-mailed him and got very quick responses from him (within a few minutes).  With that said, at the time of writing this, I still haven’t figured out what product I’m going to promote.  While it’s kind of embarrassing, There are reasons I’m telling you this.

First of all, the whole purpose of this Work From No Home case study is for you to see what it’s actually like to go through the course.  If I have some trouble spots, someone else out there might, too.  After all, no course is perfect (even legit ones).  Also, I know this overall model works because I implemented it by accident when I was a newbie still using free site some years ago, and I know what’s possible.  That time, I just got lucky.  Now, I’m doing it on purpose.  If I do my research right, I hoping it will pay off in the end.  It’s all about perserverance, people (the difference between success and failure)!

Plus, there’s the bigger picture.  Once you gain the knowlege and skills do to something, that’s something that you can carry with you for a lifetime.  Even when the search engines were to make some algorithm changes (as they often do), you will still have a solid way for generating fast, residual income that no one can ever take away from you, so for me, that makes the trials totally worth it.  It’s times like this when I like to blast “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child (my go to song when I’m struggling) and keep pushing.

Finally, I have a tip for you (not my cup of tea), based on something I saw trending on Yahoo on 6/27.  For those of you who are into reading and books, there is going to be a 50 Shades of Grey movie coming out in 2014.  This makes me laugh because I had no idea what it was about until someone told me.  Then I saw my 61-year-old mother and my 82-year-old grandmother reading it…!  Right now, people are talking about who should play the male lead and so on.  This will no doubt cause a spike in books, which are already on Amazon.

Feel free to get Work From No Home yourself and implement stuff right along with me…back on Monday.

Yours in online success..

Case Study: Work From No Home System Review: Part 2

Hey, everybody.  Today I’m back with Part 2 of my Work From No Home case study.  When we last left off, I told you that I still hadn’t figured out what niche market I wanted to go into.  After a lot of thinking, I’ve decided that I want to go into the dating niche.  With that said, I haven’t yet made a decision on what product I want to promote.  Although I did find some stuff that was totally unrelated to my niche that was trending (Monster University in case anyone wants it).

By the time I was done with the last section, I also had some questions and e-mailed support on Sunday evening.  I got a respond back in less than a day (good to  know that works), but the staff member had to forward to e-mail to Peng and his team as I had some very specific questions.  Once I get a response back from that, I’ll have a better idea of what direction to go in.  My time hasn’t been a total waste as I did take note of some trends and got ideas for projects I’ll be making use of later in the year.  The next time we speak, I will have resolved my issues and would have set up my site.

After you get done finding a hot trend, “the basics” module is next.  This is where you learn to get domain, hosting, and set up your site.  This stuff isn’t hard (was able to do it on my first try the first time I set up a blog on my own domain) and won’t take you long as all.  I’m personally looking forword to getting over this hump, so that I can move on to content creation and stuff.  Content equals traffic, and traffic equals money.  Don’t forget that you can get Work From No Home yourself and join in on the fun anytime.

Yours in online success…

Case Study: Work From No Home System Review: Part 1

I’m back with part 1 of my Work From No Home case study.  When you first log in, you’re greeted by an introductory video.  The navigation is pretty simple and standard.  There are tabs across the top that allow you to access the various sections of the course as well as some written text, where Peng just talks about the course and provides you with a clickable list of the things you will be learning.  This list is also off to the right-hand side of the screen under the “pages” section.

One of the cool things about Work From No Home is that it comes with a 30-day action plan in addition to the various modules.  You could go through the watch the videos and read the entire course before you get started on the action plan, but I think I am going to do a module and then do all of the corresponding sections of the 30-day action plan.  I think I will progress much faster that way.  Each day within the plan has a title, so it’s pretty easy to figure out.

The first module is about picking which niche market you want to go into and such.  A niche market is a group of people who have some kind of problem and are willing to pay for a solution.  Peng gives you a couple examples within the introductory video to this section like gardening, fishing, gaming, working from home, etc.  He also mentions thinking about your hobbies and passions as a starting point and finding hot trends.  This section covers days 1 and 2 of the action plan, respectively.

In the introductory video for finding hot trends, Peng gives you an example of a product that’s coming out at the time of the video was recorded (in the gaming niche) as well as tells you how you can find out about what products are coming out in the internet marketing niche.  I use this site myself, but I won’t recommend you go into the IM niche until you’ve had some success with an internet marketing product on a site outside of the internet marketing niche (like Work From No Home).  It’s the only way for you to learn what’s real and what’s a scam.  He also talks about two sites you need to know about.

After the video is over and you continue with the text portion, Peng discusses why his overall method works — in spite of the changes that Google and the other search engines make to their algorithms.  He also talks about the value that the search engines place on  quality content nowadays in comparision to the days long gone.  Pay attention to this.  He talks more about his “Launch Leverage Formula” and gives another detailed example in the gaming niche and one with a physical product.  I really appreciate that he has stuff to show outside of the IM niche.

After the “finding a hot trend” section, I still haven’t thought of a niche or anything, so I move on to the “what type of things to promote” section, where Joon talks about deciding on if you want to promote digital or physical products as well as a bit about “mini sites” (the focus of Work From No Home & what I’m doing) or larger niche authority sites (like this blog).  I’ve decided to go for a digital product because, due to experience, I know that a lot of companies that make physical products don’t like their brand names in URL’s and pay out much lower commission percentages than digital.

With all of this, I still don’t know what niche or product I want to go into, so I move over to day 1 of the 30-day action plan for some direction.  Basically, it says that I need to do some research (shocker, I know). 🙂  I’m just gonna go back and use the resources that Peng suggest and see what I come up with.  If, during my research, I use a site that Joon doesn’t mention, I will let you know, so that everyone can benefit.  I’ll let you know what I come up with in part 2.  Don’t forget that you can get Work From No Home anytime and follow along with me.

Yours in online success…


Case Study: Work From No Home System Review: Introduction

Hello, everyone.  I must admit that it’s been kind of a lazy summer for me, so far — especially since I don’t have to babysit like I usually do.  I’ve mostly just been browsing the ‘net and things of the like.  While doing so, I came across a video in my recommendation in which someone was doing a case study of an internet marketing product.  After watching the video, I got inspired and thought it would be cool to choose a product and do the same thing.

The product I’ve chosen to do my case study on is Work From No Home by Peng Joon.  Work From No Home is basically about making money from emerging products and hot trends in about 30 days or so, which seems very d0-able.  I don’t know how this is going to turn out as I’ve never actually done a case study like this before on my blog, which I think will help to hold me accountable.  The only things I’ve decided so far are that my case study will be on a product outside of the IM niche.  While I probably won’t tell you the product, I will be telling you the niche I’m in.

I’ve also decided that I will be opening a new affiliate account (if the product happens to be on a network like Clickbank, where I already have an account in the IM niche).  I want to keep my case study (and any other sites I might build in the future) separate from my internet marketing blog stuff.  I’ve also decided that I want my Work From No Home case study to last for 30 days, which will begin on 6/21 and end on 7/21.  I’m also going to be doing things in parts rather than day-by-day since I have plenty of time on my hands to get stuff done.

Finally, I should also mention that I’ve only purchased the main course of Work From No Home — without the up-sells, so keep that in mind as I’m going through this process.  I hope you’re as excited as I am to get started!  Feel free to grab your own copy and follow along.  Feel free to post your comments, questions, and your progress as I (and hopefully you) embark on this journey.

Yours in online success…

The Sad State of the Internet Marketing Industry

Today, I want to talk about something that has been annoying me recently — the sad state of IM.  I’ll tell you what’s been frustrating me, why it has been doing so, and the provide you with some recommendations down below that will allow me to do my part in changing it.  For the first time in a long time, I don’t have to babysit my niece and nephew this summer (love them but Yay…LOL!)  This has given me more time to concentrate on doing more IM stuff.

Anyway. as I’ve been doing more reviews, I’ve been noticing something interesting but sad at the same time.  It’s that quality internet marketing products that actually provide you with real knowledge and enhance your overall skill set as marketers don’t seem to get their due while all the gurus back the crappy products that were designed to just suck you dry of your hard-earned money.  This causes a lot of confusion because lots of people write me and ask me about various products.

Nine of out 10 times, the product they ask me about is a scam, and when I not only tell them that it’s a scam but list all of the reasons this is true, they seem really disappointed and angry.  Well, today, I’m going to attempt to remedy that by providing you with a list of real business models and quality products that you can use to make real money.  As all of the models are legit and profitable, the one you choose just depends on what you’re into.  The one that will make you the most money is the one you like and stick with.  I also changed one of the recommendations for fun to showcase a different product.  Click the link below to get started.

Yours in online success…