Monthly Archives: December 2013

2014 Internet Marketing Gameplan

With the year coming to a close, I thought I’d share with you my internet marketing plans for the upcoming year.  Due to some medical issues (and just being plain lazy), I haven’t done much of anything over the past month or so.  I don’t want to fall into the same trap in 2014, so the first thing I did was to tally up all my money from this year and set a new money goal for myself (more than double the amount of this year, want something I’ll have to work for).

My main focus for the upcoming year is going to employ the use of the Work From No Home model (building micro-niche sites *15 pages of content or less written around a particular product*  in a variety of niche markets outside of IM) to create at least one new site per month.  I’ll also be using the site CB Engine along with it (a database that allows you to search for the most recently-released products and more.

Even though working in the IM niche has become kind of boring for me because of all the crappy products, I’ll still continue to post reviews and stuff since I know there’s an expectation there.  I also have a couple of internet marketing friends that are coming out in the next month or so with some products that I really want to try out.  They’re legit marketers that have been in the game longer than me and really know their stuff.  I think I will learn a lot.

Finally, the thing I may or may not decide to do is get into flipping websites.  I already know of a product I can use, but whether or not I do this really depends on if I meet the goals I’ve set for myself using the Work From No Home model.  This is just what I’m thinking so far.  What are your plans?