Monthly Archives: August 2014

What I’ve Been Up To…

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I thought I would let you know what I’ve been up to.  For me, I will admit that my summer months were not that productive.  When you’re niche kind of takes a dive during the summer months (like many do), it’s hard to find things to replace them.  While I still have those sites in the non-IM niche and have made money from them, it seems like this niche, too, takes a hiatus during the summer.

I will really be glad when things start picking back up in September.  From my prior experience, I know that my internet marketing traffic and sales will pretty much recover on their own (as long as you continue to post and do basic up keep during the slow months).  It will be interesting to see if my non-IM sites do the same thing.  Since I haven’t been in this niche that long, I do not how that works.

I don’t know if marketers will suddenly start putting out more products to promote or sending out e-mails to their lists to generate exposure and ramp up sales from the slow months.  If the cookie (how product creators track who brought in which potential customer to their list) last long enough, it’s quite possible that you could earn commissions whenever the product creator sends out an e-mail and the person you originally sent to them finally buys something.

I like it when this happens because the product creators who really know their stuff have really cool sales funnels (a series of auto responder e-mails that entice the people on their list to purchase stuff), which pretty much guarantees that you will make commissions.  I have noticed that, some people in the non-IM niche I”m in, don’t exactly know how to do this, though.  It sucks because there are only a handful of niches that come to mind that are like profitable during the summertime.

I know that things like weight loss and bathing suits and related accessories are popular during these months, but I don’t really want to get into these niches.  I just have no interests in them.  To this end, I’ve been browsing some popular IM forums looking for some simple things that I could do to compensate for this slump in sales.  I’ve found one product that I might be able to run with, but only time will tell…