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Top Niche Ideas For 2015

People make all kinds of resolutions at the beginning of the year, and making more money is always at the top of the list.  In that spirit, I decided to compile a list of some of the top trends for 2015, so that you can get a jump start on your business.  I recommend using Google Sniper 3 when setting up your sites.  Avoid using brand names when deciding on domain names.

Health and Fitness: Insanity by Shaun T was the most popular workout program for 2014, according to Google trends, so if you already happen to use this program, you’re in luck!  I recommend using a domain like “best workout routines 2015 (.com)” for this and a keyword phrase like “sean t insanity workout review.”  You will notice that I mis-spelled his name.  That’s because lots of people do that when searching for him.

All of the keywords I chose (from the domain name to the review keyword) currently get searched for in Google.  When you combine keywords together like I did to come up with the review keyword, it will not only allow you to pull in traffic from multiple keywords but mean lower competition as well.  I should also mention that P90x by Tony Horton was also amongst the most popular programs, so you could do the same for that one as well.  Oh, if you’re promoting from Amazon, you can also see what other products people purchase along with it in order to make even more commissions.

Animated Movies: We all know that Frozen was huge this year.  After doing some research, I learned that Spongebob still brings in massive traffic all these years later and that there is going to be a new Spongebob movie coming out in February that people are already searching for in Google.  I suggest using a domain like “top animated movies 2015 (.com)” for this.  You could use a keyword phrase like “spongebob movie 2015 sponge out of water” — got this from related searches at the bottom of the page when looking up Spongebob — and promote the previous movie and related stuff until the movie comes out.

Electronic Goods: The Iphone 6 was the must-have item of the year, and the Iphone 7 will be released in 2015.  I’d recommend a domain like “best cell phones 2015 (.com)” for this.  The reason I went for “cell phone” was because I wasn’t sure if “smart phone” was trademarked or not, and they costs a lot.  No need to worry, though.  People use the words “cell phone” and “smart phone” interchangeably, so you’ll still get lots of traffic.  I should also mention that the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Samsung Note 4, the Moto G, and the Nexus 6 were also on the trends list.

Fashion/Shoes: I thought of this niche because I saw someone running on a treadmill.  I then immediately thought of Jordan’s since people seem to go so crazy over those. You could choose a domain name like “best basketball shoes 2015,” and go from there.  You can do a search to figure out the most-popular shoes, so on and so forth.  You can see when the next shoe is coming out (several coming out according to what I found).  You can also cross promote his jersey and other apparel as well.  Lebron James is another popular player with shoes and stuff.

Well, this is just to give you some ideas.  I hope it helps.  Don’t forget to grab your copy of Google Sniper 3, so that you can get started!