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Month In Review – February 2015

Hello, everyone.  Thankfully, this month  started off better as I found a product in my niche of choice at the beginning of the month that was created by the makers of another popular product in my niche that still happens to be selling.  Because of this, I decided to go for it using the Google Sniper method before I knew whether or not the product might be another hit.

The one thing that sucked about the whole experience was that I had to go back and forth with customer service in order to get review access (so I didn’t have to spend my own money buying the product) and getting some questions answered about the product itself.  Due to the difference in time zones and the number of questions I had, this took a while.  On the other hand, at least customer service worked!

I finally got my site put up towards the middle/end of the month.  This was interesting because I started getting traffic really fast (like within a day) — even though the product had just come out and didn’t have time to sell that fast.  I few days later, WordPress notified me that it was updating all of my sites automatically.  Then, the unusually high volume of traffic stopped, which made me think all of that other traffic was just bots,  I started getting trickles of normal traffic after that but haven’t made any sales, yet.

Let’s see.  Oh, I started following a number of other products that came out during the month in the same niche.  Some of them had quite an interesting spin to them, but those products haven’t taken off, yet, either.  I also noticed that only a small percentage of the overall sales were coming from affiliates.  I’ve learned from past experience that one of the indicators that a product coverts well for affiliates is the fact that a majority of the sales are coming from affiliates — like 90%.

Finally, I learned about some interesting products in the internet marketing space at the end of the month.  They are both blogging products with a unique spin.  I learned about one while on a webinar call.  This product is by a really reputable marketer but hasn’t officially launched it.  It focuses on acquiring the main skills you need to make money online like writing, promotion, and getting traffic.

The cool thing about the product is that you know you’ve gotten good at those things when you can use those skills individual skills to make money — while you’re on your way to building your niche blogs.  It’s set up like a coaching program.  The goal of step one is to make $500 or more from writing before you move on to the next step.  It’s really cool.  I’ll let you know more about it when it launches.

I just found out about the other product a couple of days ago.  It’s by another ethical marketer.  The product looks really good and is leaser expensive than the coaching program.  The thing is that I haven’t actually gone through the course, yet.  It’s also on a popular network but one I haven’t used before — in other  words, not a Clickbank product, so I have to figure all that stuff out before I let you in on it.  I’ll get you abreast of what’s going on.

Until next time…