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Month in Review – March 2015

Last month, I told you about what I thought would be a rather interesting product that I had just come across, but that I had to dig in deeper and do my research and what not before I could tell you more about it.  Well, I did just that!  I actually got so excited after I e-mailed you that I decided to dive right in — like a kid in a candy store — and can now let you in on all the details!

The product is called The Commission Machine by Michael Cheney, and I’m a fan for a number of reasons.  It allows the complete novice how to get their feet in the door of the internet marketing industry in a very ethical manner as well as teaches you a lot about the ins and outs of the niche.  It also introduced to a network that I’m loving, where my conversion rates have been considerably higher than Clickbank.  It also provides you with way more info than Clickbank, including refund rates and more.

I used the Google Sniper method to put up another site at the end of the month in my niche of choice outside of IM.  After I finally got access (had to go back and forth with the product creator), I actually liked the product.  It also got indexed really quickly.   If you’re not already doing so, I encourage you guys to make sure of social media sites to promote your stuff.  Don’t just use any site, though.  Use the one that the people in your niche frequent the most.  Make sure to have followers before you start promoting your stuff.

Certain social bookmarking sites also seem to get traffic to my sites quickly.   The launch for another product I was promoting on one of my other sites I delayed as well.  Even though I heard about the launch and got ranked for it at the beginning of the month, the launch didn’t start until the end of the month as well — the ups and downs of IM, I guess.  Since I’ve been putting up new sites, I also decided to let some of my older ones go.  After a year, they weren’t doing much.

Well, that’s all from this neck-of-the-woods!  Until next time…