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Better to be an Affiliate Marketer or Product Creator?

I was browsing a popular internet marketing forum, and posters (mostly newbies) were asking whether or not it was better to be a product creator or an affiliate marketer.  They had heard that both were popular routes to take but didn’t know which way they should go given they had little to no experience.  I though I’d share my thoughts.

When it comes to making money online, both of these are two of a number of routes you can take, and each can you you money.  When I hear the question about which is better, I pause.  Why?  While being a product creator is the most lucrative, it really depends on where you are at the time in your online career that determines which way you should go.  Here’s why.

When you’re starting out online, learning affiliate marketing and niche blogging is the least expensive and requires less of a learning curve (& most common method).  Affiliate marketers, in large part, decide to promote something once they see a product is already getting search engine traffic and what not, so all we have to really worry about is writing content or creating video and getting ranked.

If we do this properly, the commissions roll in.  To find a product to promote you can either start out by promoting a product in a niche that you already own (that is currently being searched for) or ask for review access (free access) from a product creator.  Click the link below to learn more on affiliate marketing.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

In order to be a successful product creator, you need to have all of the skills of an affiliate marketer plus more.  Product creators have to  worry about all the behind-the-scenes stuff (like getting joint venture partners in the industry to generate buzz), so the product will become popular enough that affiliate marketers will want to promote it.

Whenever an affiliate earns a commission, the buyer is added to the product creator’s list (in addition to making sales from those who go directly to the site & earning the other half of the commission from an affiliate sale).  Click the link below to learn more about product creation.

Become a Product Creator

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