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Month in Review – October 2015

This month was a bit more active for me than the past few.  I learned about a new product that was being launched in the niche I’m in that’s outside of internet marketing.  The only reason I found out about this was because I was subscribed to someone’s list, which just goes to show you the importance of being on leaders’ list in your industry.  I decided to use the Google Sniper Method to build a site to promote it.

Unlike some times in the past, I had a really easy time getting in contact with the product creator, so that I could get access to the product – only took like a day or so.  I was able to go through the course and have something set up by the middle of the month.  As of the time of this writing, this product hasn’t taken off, yet.  That’s okay, though.  From working in this niche for a while now, I’ve come to realize it can take a month or two for products to take off.

I decided to let go of two sites (the expiration time had come up – register them for a year at a time) that weren’t doing much of anything for me.  I also found out about another product coming out, but I think it’s still in the early stages, where you have to be white listed to promote it.  I still can’t find it on Clickbank, which means the creators are probably still testing stuff out.

Something else hap9pened to me in this niche that I hadn’t experienced before…I got my first refund!  Even though I’ve been doing this for a while and know that refunds are a part of business, refunds are still like a kick to the gut — especially when you know the quality of the product is good.  Thankfully, it doesn’t hurt as much as it did in the beginning.

That’s all from this neck-of-the-woods.  Until next time…