Monthly Archives: December 2015

2016 Internet Marketing Plans

As the year comes to a close, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to accomplish.  My overall goal, of course, is to make more money (and help out as many people as I can).  I love how the internet provides opportunities for people that just didn’t exist in years past.  Let me see.  Where to start.  Firstly, I am going to continue working on my first “mini joint venture.”  I like doing it.

Secondly, I am going to continue creating more smaller niche sites in order to promote digital products (outside of the internet marketing niche).  I’ve gotten really good at cranking those out.  For me, the hardest part is deciding what niche market to go into.  I’m just indecisive like that – ha.  I think I am going to aim for putting up at least one new site a month.  For me, the most time-consuming part is going through the products.

Lastly (for now), I am going to get back into promoting tangible products as an affiliate, specifically with Amazon.  Over the holidays, while shopping, I learned that Amazon retracted it’s ban that caused a lot of affiliates in a number of states to be dropped from the product.  I know that in NC, it’s because when have to pay taxes on the stuff we buy from their now – no big deal.  I have a number of ideas for things I want to promote.

I’ve just got to do the research and stuff to make sure they are in profitable markets.  Well, that’s all from this neck-of-the-woods.  Here’s to 2016! 🙂