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Traffic Exchanges Are Back?!?

Hey, guys.  I learned something interesting today.  I got an e-mail from one of my subscribers in which she told me about something that I thought was long gone – traffic exchanges — but with a twist.  When I got started online back in 2008, traffic exchanges were big.  I even tried to use them (before I knew better).

Back-in-the day, the premise of a traffic exchange was to get traffic to your offers.  More specifically, it was a means to get traffic to your sites.  You could just sign up for free, add your site to the network, and get traffic to your site (based on the number of sites you clicked on and checked out yourself).  While this seems like it would be good in theory, here’s why they stopped being used.

All of the people on traffic exchanges were basically marketers — each with the same goal: to get traffic to their sites.  People were not in “buying mode.”  This means that the traffic wasn’t targeted.  If the traffic isn’t targeted, there’s not going to be any money made.  Nowadays, the same idea of traffic exchanges still exist, but now, they actually charge money for this!

The only people making money off of a system like this are the creators, who charge people for ad space within the network and other things.  This is why learning Search Engine Optimization and how to target keywords at the end of the buying cycle — those that indicate someone has already been exposed to it multiple times — is such a big deal.

These people are more than just “tire kickers” and are actually wanting to spend money.  They just to be nudged in the right direction (typically through a review).  Instead of wasting your time with traffic exchanges, I recommend you check out a course like Google Sniper 3, where you learn how to do S.E.O. the right way and learn to generate passive income for years to come.

Until next time…