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Month in Review – July 2016

July was kind of a slow month for me (was a slacker – happens to the best of us).  This usually hold true since it’s like the tail-end of Summer vacation and stuff like that.  There aren’t even a lot of products and stuff that come out that you can promote.  You kind of have to be really active and hunt for stuff to do.  I will admit that I’m not the best at time – kind of hard for me to stay motivated.

I’ve got to really put my nose to the grindstone, as it were, and get more stuff done on my Amazon site (haven’t actually done much more than what I did during the case study period).  One interesting thing that happened to me this month was that someone actually contacted me and asked me to take down a review (or take their name off of it).

The strange thing about this was that the review wasn’t even a bad one.  It was just old, and the product wasn’t being sold, anymore.  Like usual when this happens, I will just remove links and forward visitors to something that similar and legitimate but still open.  I just decided to take the guy’s name off of the page but leave it up – easiest thing to do.

Let’s see.  What else happened?  Oh, learned about the forthcoming release of a product in the other niche I’m in (not the Amazon one or IM).  If it were a movie, it would be like what you’d call a sequel, I guess.  The first product launch in this niche was really huge (about 5 years ago or something like that), so I’m hoping this one will be the same – gotta contact the product creator and stuff like that to see what’s up.

This could turn out to be good for me because I checked the organic listings, and there’s not any actual competition for it, yet.  So, if I really put in work, I could have both it and my Amazon site bringing in some good money for the month of August.  I’m also hoping that there will be some decent IM products starting to come out by then, too.  That way, I’ll have stuff going in 3 different niches – good stuff.

Well, that’s all from this neck-of-the-woods.  Until next time…