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Month in Review – August 2016

Let’s see.  Where to begin…Oh, you know how I told you about the forthcoming release of a popular product from back-in-the-day that’s going to be like a second installment?  Well, the good news is that I was able to contact the product creator and get “white-listed” in order to promote the product.  Some product creators do this to protect their brand.

They don’t just let random people promote their stuff.  With that said, I’ve been a complete slacker and am still in the process or getting my site up.  On the plus side, people don’t seem to know about it, yet, so I’m really going to have to get into into gear for September.  I want to be ranked a good month before I start to see any other competition.  Hopefully, this will get me an advantage.

Now, for some not-to-great news…I got an notice from Amazon (still haven’t made any sales on my site, yet) basically saying that I need to hurry up and make some sales.  Apparently, when you first sign up to the affiliate program, you are given temporary access to everything and a certain amount of time to make sales (before they shut down your account – can request to get it re-opened once you start getting regular traffic to your site and stuff).

I actually thought putting up this kind of site was going to be easier than this.  On the plus side, one of my internet marketing friends is going to be releasing some free tutorials next month that give me some ideas and should help me some some sales before I get my account closed.  This makes me excited.  Plus, once I make my first commission from a physical product, I think I will feel like a more complete marketer.

I’m really hopeful because my account shouldn’t close before the holiday season starts to come around, so I think I’ll be able to at least make one (if not several commissions – will earn commission for everything people put in their cart — not just on the stuff I’m promoting.  It also means that by next year, I will have more things up making me money (what it’s all about) and will be able to hit the ground running.  Here’s to a good September.

Until next time…