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Month In Review – January 2017

It seems like January was a pretty slow month.  There weren’t even a lot of products to come out that I thought would be good to promote.  I think that perhaps people were spent from the holidays.  I had planned originally planned to promote what I thought would be a cool internet marketing product.  However, it teaches something that I have not ever done before – making money with Facebook and Instagram.

I think I might get into that later or do a case a study.  Something like that could take a while.  The most I have ever done is to get some traffic from different social media sites.  Besides this, I also found out that, even though the creator of the product is not well known, one of the criteria for being able to promote his product is that you have a certain amount of sales on the JVZoo platform.  Since I don’t promote that much stuff on there, I have not met this criteria, so getting my sales on on said platform is one of my goals.

What else happened…Oh, I have been hearing rumors about how Google wants website owners to get more into securing their sites with HTTPS — rather than just the standard HTTP.  I think this might only be for a certain kind of site like e-commerce or something like that.  I have to get more information and read up on it before I can be totally sure about what it’s all about, so there will more on this to come next month.  Well, that’s all from this neck-of-the-woods.

Until next time…