At the end of my last Google Sniper case study review, I told you that I would probably have my site up and running by now (usually how it happens when I promote digital products).  Well, that hasn’t happened — as I’m finding promoting things from Amazon to be a little bit different.  I’m used to just downloading something, reading/watching it and popping up a review.  I’ll catch you up and tell you what I mean.

I’ll first start out by telling you that I’m still planning to work in the same niche — film/television (popular franchise I’ve been a fan of since I was a kid).  However, what I plan on promoting [the product] from said franchise has changed.  This is due to the research I did, according to George’s criteria.  What I originally wanted to promote doesn’t get as many searches as I thought it would.  I’m still going to promote it on my site.  It just won’t be like the main thing.

While I was initially annoyed, I think it might work out for the best.  My research actually helped me to find products and keywords that I didn’t even know people were looking for.  There is no shortage of things for me to promote.  Since I’m still getting used to Amazon, I looked for some tips in the Amazon video under the Sniper X (up-sell) section of the Google Sniper 3 course.  I came across some good tips for finding even more products to promote (for other sites) and how to write content for physical products.

Oh, the other thing that you guys might like about the “Sniper X” section of the course is that it’s where the case studies are — where people get their sites reviewed, so that you can avoid their mistakes.  Another thing I was initially worried about was not being able to put brand names in the domain name of my URL (like I do with Clickbank/digital products).  As it turns out, that’s not a big deal because no one that promotes physical products gets to do that (other than the people that hold the copyright/trademark).

Well, that’s all for now.  The next time I update you, I’m going to try to have my blog live.  It can take a day or so for the domain name servers to get hooked up, and I’m still thinking about the site layout and stuff.  I’ve also been thinking about what I’m going to write as I’m writing this – definitely going to use those writing tips (when the time comes).  Don’t forget to grab your copy of Google Sniper and follow along.

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