I decided to write this post because I learned a very valuable lesson the other day.  The lesson of the day is to never delete your work!  Lots of times, if we spend hours doing something that doesn’t make us money when we think it should, we trash it thinking it sucks.  This is a mistake!

First, you might be able to modify it and re-use it somewhere else (as long as it’s your work).  Second, writing one article can often spawn a slew of new ideas.  Most importantly, though, you could be missing out on money (and big money at that), especially if it is a higher-priced product.

The other day, I was going through my articles checking out the ones that had been around awhile (like a year+) that hadn’t done anything for the sole purpose of staying organized.  Thankfully, I got distracted by my niece and stopped what I was doing.  The following day, it happened.

One of my articles that was like 2 years old that had always gotten click outs (people visiting the merchant page) and was at the top of Google, due to the lack of competition but had made any sales–until the day it did!  How much did this one sale make me, you ask? $150.00!

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