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Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program 2011: Beginners

In this short article, you will learn about what affiliate marketing is, how it works and why it’s so popular among beginner internet marketers (benefits), how to maximize the potential of all it has to offer, as well as discover the best affiliate marketing training program in 2011 for beginners so that you can stop wasting your money on crappy software  and junk products that were specifically designed for you to fail and start making real money online and on your way to building a legit online business from which you will reap the benefits for years to come.

What Affiliate Marketing Is & How It Works

Affiliate marketing is when you, the affiliate, promote other people’s products in exchange for a commission made on every sale.  The reason companies are willing to pay you a commission is because it saves the person or company money and time in terms of advertising costs, having to hire a staff of people and things of this nature.  In addition, every time you, the affiliate, makes a sale, the customer is added to the company’s list of buyers so that it can promote to them over and over again down the line.

Why Affiliate Marketing is Popular for Beginners

There are lots of reasons affiliate marketing has become the starting place for budding, beginner-level marketers to make it online:

*Don’t have to have a product of your own

*Don’t have to deal with customer service or refunds

*Generate residual income (work once, continue to profit, make money “while you sleep”)

*Work around your own schedule

*Gain knowledge and skills used in other aspects of internet marketing…

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program 2011: Beginners

When it comes to the best affiliate marketing training program for beginners in 2011, I highly recommend Unstoppable Affiliate by Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton.  It’s a raining program specifically geared toward teaching the novice marketer all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing–minus all the BS and a program loaded with hours of video content, support, and more.  In addition to the basic course, there’s also an optional coaching program.  Click the link below to learn more.

Learn More About Unstoppable Affiliate Here