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2 Common Ways to Make Money Online by Writing

Today, I want to talk to you about a topic that I have seen that keeps popping up: ways to make money online writing.  In reading, one of the things that I’ve noticed about people that seem to want to make money writing is that not only do they have a passion for it, but they also don’t really care about the hassle of getting ranked in the search engines and all that stuff, so blogging will not be one such option listed here.

1. Ghostwriting.  Lots of writers I know are really into ghostwriting, where they do some research and write content for other marketers.  This is a long-term business model that will never go away because marketers are always needing high-quality content for blogs, autoresponders, sales copy for product creation, e-books to sell as an actual product and more.  It’s endless.  This is also one of the fastest ways to make money and get paid because you get paid via Paypal.  As a ghostwriter, you can also run specials.  Click the link below to learn more to learn more about this model and my recommendation.

Learn to Become a Ghostwriter

2. PLR Store.  PLR stands for Private Label Rights and is content that can be purchased, modified, and used as your own.  This kind of content is sold in packs and can consist of everything thing from article, blog posts, and lots more.  What makes PLR different from ghostwriting is that it is content that is sold to multiple buyers, based on the type of content that they are looking for in the search engines.  For marketers, it’s a cheaper alternative hiring a ghostwriter.  I think of it as kind of a cross between being a ghostwriter and blogging.

Once you put up the content, you will content to generate residual income from it.  Better still is the fact that you get paid via Paypal, and because of the nature of this content, you don’t have to worry about refunds.  Since the product can’t be sent back, most PLR providers don’t have a refund policy.  In addition, you can take requests (via an opt-in form) and run specials — just like you can with ghostwriting.  Click the link below to learn more about this model and a review of my recommendation.

Learn to Open Your Own PLR Store

Yours in online success…