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Making Money Using Free Sites: Squidoo

For those of you who have been following me for some time, you know that I’ve very much an advocate of having your own site on your own domain so that you can control the content, build list, and things of this nature.  With that said, there are some free sites out there that are worth taking a look at.  I’m going to introduce you to it, tell you why it’s so beneficial, and make recommendation that can allow you to start seeing results in about a week.

The site I want to introduce you to is called Squidoo.  Squidoo is a popular site that allows you to create free, one-page sites (what Squidoo called “lenses”) to promote stuff that gets ranked in the search engines really quickly.  There are a couple of reasons I’m a fan.  First, Squidoo is a very “newbie-friendly” site that’s great for testing out various niche markets without having to spend any money.  Secondly, it’s a really good way for those of you who can’t become an Amazon affiliate through traditional means because of tax legislation in your state to still be able to do so.

It works like this.  Squidoo allows you to use various modules (the building blocks of a lens).  It just so happens they have Amazon modules (Ebay as well) that allow you to promote products from Amazon.com.  You don’t need affiliate links of your own or anything because when you add Amazon modules to your lenses and make sales, Squidoo uses its own affiliate links.  Once Amazon pays Squidoo, Squidoo pays you via Paypal.  Squidoo is in the highest Amazon payment tier (most individuals don’t reach it), so you’re still able to make as much as the average Amazon affiliate.

There are also other ways to make money from Squidoo as well.  There’s just a lot to love — whether you’re a complete newbie or more a seasoned marketer looking to add an extra income stream.  All you need to do is to learn the into and outs of Squidoo to make it happen, and to that end, my friend Jennifer Ledbetter (a.k.a. Pot Pie Girl), has a product out called One Week Marketing (updated for 2012) that teaches you how to make money with Squidoo in about a week.  Click the link below to get started making money with Squidoo.

Learn More About Making Money With Squidoo Here