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Case Study: Work From No Home System Review: Part 4

I’m back with part 4 of my Work From No Home case study.  I’m happy to report that I finally found a product to promote but decided not to skip right to domain set up because I would be leaving too much stuff out.  This was quite an interesting process because I found out just how little I know about this niche.  I’ve been in the internet marketing niche so long, I took things for granted without even realizing it.  I guess I got a wake-up call…ha, ha, ha.

When you have no experience doing this stuff or are starting off in brand new niche, there’s some learning that has to be done.  For instance, I didn’t realize how many different sub-niches there are in this industry.  It’s definately a niche that provides endless opportunity and is one that I’ll be able to come back to over and over again.  Since I’m starting from the bottom (like most of you will be), John Chow (Peng’s partner) suggested that I use a site like cbengine.com  to find newly-released and trending Clickbank products without too much competition in my given niche.  It’s a really cool site.

When you’re first looking for a product to promote and trying to use certain metrics, it’s kind of a guessing game.  In other words, your first site provides you with a baseline.  I’ll use the internet marketing niche as an example.  In IM, I basically know when a product is going to be big if certain high-profile marketers are going to be promoting it and if certain other sites display certain data.  I don’t know enough about this niche to know that stuff, yet.  It’s going to take a while.  This is why I suggest going into a highly-profitable niche that you can go back to (will be able to recognize this when you use a site that Peng points you to).

Since my first site is just going to be a “test this and see what happens” kind of a thing, my main money goals are pretty much just to make my investment back, to learn Peng’s overall process, and to learn more about my niche.  Speaking of which, when I was looking for a product, I noticed that e-books in a certain catagory as well as certain authors seemed to be quite popular (like the ones that have released multiple products).  I took note of this using one of the sites that Peng recommends, so I’ll know if they release new stuff in the future (will really be ahead of the game then).

After finding a product to promote, Peng Joon actually gives you a good way to start generating domain name ideas since the product you’re promoting might not have launched yet and/or be able to be found in a keyword research tool.  Those things are usually a month or two behind and aren’t always accurate, anyway.  When you’re doing keyword domain name research, you’re very likely going to come across popular keyword phrases that continue to pop up.  You should take note of these because this is how you know what keywords to tag the post with on your site, so that people can find them (i.e. review, scam…etc).

In the final section of “picking your market,” Joon goes into more detail about a site that you’ve come across a couple of times by now and gives you an example using it.  In case you’re wondering where we are in the 30-day action plan, the keyword research and domain stuff is on day 2.  In the second section of Work From No Home called “basics” (day 3 of the action plan), you’re just going to be getting your domain and hosting stuff set up.  This will only take you a day or two.  If you don’t already a site on your own domain set up, you’ll have to wait a bit until the hosting company sends you your name servers.

Tomorrow, we will be getting to the good stuff (Part 3 of WFNO and day 4 of the action plan): content creation. 🙂  The reason I call this the “good stuff” is because as online entreprenturs, the value we provide, the traffic we get, and the money we make all start with content.  That’s why they say “content is king” online.  Don’t forget that you can  From purchase Work From No Home at any time and join in.

Yours in online success…