An internet marketer is someone who either sells his or her own product or someone else’s in exchange for a commission for every sale made (affiliate marketing).  Unlike in times past, there is no longer only one way to make money online.  There are a number of ways to accomplish this based on your personal preferences (i.e. search engines, social media) .

Those who don’t have money to invest might choose to use free methods that cost no money while those that do have money do invest might opt for paid methods.  Still, some might choose a happy medium using both free and paid methods.

The only thing that distinguishes internet marketers from the traditional marketer in a “brick and mortar” or offline business is the method by which we promote and sell products (via use of the internet).  All other basic business principles still apply.

We have to be able to conduct proper market research based on the available data to determine what products we should promote, how and where we should promote them, be able to understand and connect with our audience and so on.  With millions of people using the internet on a daily basis, It’s the natural evolution of marketing!  For more, check out affiliate marketing on Wikipedia.

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