What is the Mobile Monopoly system?

The Mobile Monopoly system is a video-oriented internet marketing training program by Adam Horwitz (Dude I Hate My Job, Co-creator of Tycoon Cashflow).  The premise of Mobile Monopoly is learning how to make money by taking advantage of more than the 51 million people that use Smart phones (a number sure to continue to grow variety of Smart Phones available in today’s marketplace) in order to promote products using affiliate marketing and Cost-Per-Action Marketing .

Is the Mobile Monopoly system a scam?

Mobile Monopoly is not a scam or a “get rich quick” scheme.  In essence, mobile marketing is like Google adwords for Smart phones but better.  First, it cost pennies on the dollar with non-existent competition.  Second, unlike adwords where there is only one way to make money, mobile marketing provides you with various avenues so you can pick what you like best.  Adam also practices what he preaches and tested out his methods for 6 months, which can be seen throughout the course via the live examples.

the Mobile Monopoly system work?

The Mobile Monopoly system comes with 11 modules with each video being 20 minutes .  You also get the Mobile Monopoly quick start guide that provides you with an overview of the entire course.  In addition, you also get downloadable  “Check Point Guides,” which are things you should take away from each lesson in order to stay on track.  You receive 3 bonuses, examples, support as well.   Below is break down of the 11 modules within the Mobile Monopoly system:

Module 1: Getting Started: Introduction to Mobile Monopoly

Module 2: The Methods: What kinds of things to promote/the methods that make you money

Module 3: Ad Platforms: How to advertise on Smart phones

Module 4: Why Go CPA?: Cost-Per-Action Marketing & the Smart Phone

Module 5: Clickank Time: Affiliate marketing via CB & the Smart phone

Module 6: Get Physical: Making money with Amazon

Module 7: Pay-Per-Call: Easiest way to make money with mobile marketing

Module 8: Local Biz: Getting your local businesses to hop on the mobile marketing train

Module 9: Your Own App: Making a killing with your own applications

Module 10: Why Itunes?: All about the Itunes cash cow

Module 11: Wrapping It Up: The end

With many major companies (i.e. Google, Facebook) going mobile, Adam Horwitz’s Mobile Monopoly provides you the knowledge and skills you need to jump in ahead of the curve and cash in before everyone else.  His Mobile Monopoly system is not a scam and even comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. I hope this Mobile Monopoly review provided you with the insight for you to decide whether or not it’s for you and invite you to click the link below to get Adam Horwitz Mobile Monopoly system.

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