What is Cash Bullets software?

Cash Bullets is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program.  Although the presenter on the sales page does introduce himself, a marketer by the name of Andrew X is actually the guy behind the product.  With Andrew X’s Cash Bullets software and associated training, you — with no prior knowledge or skill needed — are going to learn how you can use it to exploit the internet to generate thousands of dollars a day — more than $528,000.  This will be done by putting up sites as the promotional medium.  You get to watch over his shoulder as he coaches you and creates 100 sites in 30 days and teaches you multiple ways to make money from these sites — all while using free traffic.  Don’t need to use social media, SEO, article marketing…

Is Cash Bullets software a scam?

Andrew X’s Cash Bullets software program is a scam.  First, there is a complete lack of content.  Outside of the actual introduction video, there are only 3 videos that in total last less than 10 minutes and are filled with stupid music in the background!  As a result, there are basic skills that you need like how to find a profitable niche market and products or how to get free traffic that simply aren’t taught.  Secondly, the coaching mentioned on the sales page is non-existent.  The entire member’s area is pretty much filled with up-sells to get more of your money — even the “bonuses” aren’t free.  When you purchase the Cash Bullets system, you are basically paying for a theme for your blog.  You can download free themes for your  blog by doing a simple search in Google.

My Personal Recommendation

Rather than putting you cash into Andrew X’s Cash Bullets software program — one which fails to provide you with the necessary knowledge and resources to make real money, I suggest you have a look at Unstoppable Affiliate by Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton.  No “software.”  No missing links.  It focuses on what is undoubtedly the most common way to make legitimate money online and provides you with all the quality training (video + text) and customer support you need to make it happen.  Equally as important, you are taught by two marketers who actually use the methods they teach and who aren’t afraid to show their real identities!  Click the link below to learn more.

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