Ritoban Chakrabarti’s CPA Instruments Review – Is It a Scam

Attention: CPA Instruments has become outdated!  For up-to-date alternative, see Google Sniper 3!

What is CPA Instruments?

CPA Instruments is a video-oriented internet marketing training program by Ritoban Chakrabarti.  In this case, CPA stands for Cost-Per-Action – the idea that you get paid every for every action a person takes (i.e. potential customer inputs his or her name and/or email (or some other information) into a form–without having to make a sale– for the purpose of building the advertiser’s customer list.  CPA Instruments teaches you how to create sites and various kinds of CPA instruments specifically for this purpose.

Is CPA Instruments a scam?

CPA Instruments is not a scam or “get rich quick” scheme.  You only need to look back at the quality of Ritoban’s previous work (Profit Instruments) to know that he is the real deal in the business of trying to rip people off.  Beyond that, Ritoban actually “walks the walk,” so to speak and has building “CPA Instruments” for more than a year, which is why he is able to provide you with live proof that his methods work.  Also, if you have been making money online for any length of time, you know how crucial building a customer list is to a business’s success.

How does CPA Instruments work?

CPA Instruments contains more than 30 videos and is divided into 9 modules.  In addition, you get blueprints and process maps to help keep your organized and on the right track.  There are also assignments so that you can make sure you don’t skip any of the steps.  CPA Instruments also comes with support and some really cool bonuses that compliment the course.  The coolest part is that you get to watch Ritoban create a CPA Instrument live! Here is a brief overview of the 9 modules within the CPA Instruments system:

*Module 1: The Basics: Introduction to CPA marketing

*Module 2: Getting in: The approval process

*Module 3: Choosing Offers: Find offers that make the most money

*Module 4: Free Traffic Instruments: Creating various types of instruments

*Module 5: Driving Free Traffic: Learn how to drive free traffic to your instruments

*Module 6: Paid Traffic Instruments: How to build various types of landing pages

*Module 7: Driving Paid Traffic: PPC, PPV, media buys, & Mobile Marketing

*Module 8: List Building: All about E-mail marketing

Module 9: Advanced Mechanism: Advanced strategies for growing your business

Whether you are new to making money online or just looking for a way to increase your earning potential, CPA marketing is a great way to go.  Ritoban Chakrabarti’s CPA Instruments teaches you how to make the most of it and more.  His CPA Instruments is not a scam and even comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. I hope you have found this CPA Instruments review to be helpful, and invite you to click the link below where you can get Ritoban Chakrabarti’s CPA Instruments.

2 thoughts on “Ritoban Chakrabarti’s CPA Instruments Review – Is It a Scam

  1. I appreciate your review. I have done affiliate marketing with minimal success. I did sign-up for a few top CPA offers, but the application form ask questions that imply you have to be a big league hitter already. For instance some ask if you have an advertising budget over $100 per day. Well,if I had that sort of budget I would not need CPA. Does the author or anyone know if the CPA Instruments addresses this entry problem. I don’t want to lie on the application because I would not be able to drive $100 per day of advertising. Would love to hear from you on this. You can respond here or to my email, bonbon3134@mypacks.net.


  2. Hey, Larry. There is an entire module on how to get into CPA networks, and having a $100 advertising budget is not a necessary condition.

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