Anthony Morrison Traffic With Anthony Review – Is It a Scam

What is Traffic With Anthony software?

Traffic With Anthony is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program by Anthony Morrison.  Through the use of his software program, Anthony claims that he can teach you how to generate more than 550,000 targeted visitors in 12 minutes flat by flipping on what he calls the internet’s “real-time traffic switch” and taking advantage of something he calls “the real-time web effect.”  Mr. Morrison also says you don’t need any prior experience and that this method is what he would use if he had to start making money online from scratch and needed money fast — no SEO, paid advertising, article marketing, or social media necessary.  Despite what Anthony says, this course is about making money with Youtube.

Is Traffic With Anthony software a scam?

The Traffic With Anthony software program is a scam.  Here’s the real deal.  This course is based on the idea of asking people with viral videos on their channels to put related affiliate links under their videos.  Nowadays, though, these viral videos are generally held by major media companies or by really popular Youtube partners that are already making money from said videos.  They tell you that you can steal the videos and put them on your channel.  Aside from being unethical, the big companies and Youtuber’s will have your account shut down for stealing their stuff, and it work rank.  This just isn’t a viable way to make money.   Finally, Traffic With Anthony is on Anthony’s personal network, so there’s no way to ensure that you can get a refund.

My Personal Recommendation

In lieu of of handing over your money to an idiot marketer like Anthony Morrison who’s constantly releasing crappy products like Traffic With Anthony for the sake of lining his own pockets and taking advantage of the unsuspecting newbie and leaving you empty-handed, I suggest you take a look at Google Sniper 3 (new for 2015) by George Brown.  It’s a quality course that teaches an honest, sustainable business model for earning real cash that has become standard (make money promoting emerging products/product launches and trending topics in a variety of niche markets).  The other important thing is that you’re being taught by an ethical marketer that guides by example.  Click the link below to learn more.

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