What is the Commission Streamer system?

Commission Streamer is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program (author unknown as presenter doesn’t introduce himself).  He claims that with his system, the average newbie can put 100’s of dollars into his or her affiliate account within a matter of hours and with just a few minutes of work — without using paid advertising, social media, article marketing and other traditional ways of making money online.  Despite the claims he makes, Commission Streamer is actually about using niche sites (sites that focus on a particular theme like dating or weight loss) in conjunction with video-sharing sites in order to make money online.

Is the Commission Streamer system a scam?

The Commission Streamer system and its software is a scam.  There are very specific reasons for this.  First, Commission Streamer puts heavy emphasis on the advantages of using videos to drive traffic, but the main product doesn’t even teach you how to do that!  You have to buy the up-sell!  The main Commission Streamer software is used for nothing more than to spam low-quality sites that don’t get any traffic, which means you make money money.  Commission Streamer also talks about the benefits of having a niche blog as a promotional tool, but the ones it creates are crap, and you don’t learn the core skills you need to set it up properly and make the most of it.  No other traffic methods are discussed, and the “bonuses” are just up-sells.

My Personal Recommendation

Using video is a good way to drive targeted traffic to your site or offers, but it’s only one, small piece of the puzzle that alone won’t allow you to achieve your desired results.  Instead of wasting your money on Commission Streamer software — a product so crappy that no one wanted to associate their name with it, I recommend Unstoppable Affiliate by Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton.  It focuses on increasing your knowledge base and skill set as a marketer where you learn everything you need to know to achieve online success from A to Z, including how to set up niche sites and get traffic from a variety of sources and more.  You also learn from two guys with stellar reputations who walk the walk.  Click the link below to learn more about what it can do for you.

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