What is the Commission Avalanche program?

Commission Avalanche is live, 10-week coaching and internet marketing training program by Jimmy Kim.  Through his coaching program, Jimmy claims that he is going show you the secrets that have transformed his life, “hold your hand” and carry you from being a newbie to an expert by getting rid of all the lies and hype you’ve become accustomed to in the internet marketing industry by teaching you how to do everything from creating your own sites so that you can generate an avalanche of affiliate commissions to learning how to create your own products as a vendor (someone who sells his or her own product).  You don’t need an exiting website, list or currently have your own product to make this work for you.  It’s all about learning and implementation.

Is the Commission Avalanche program a scam?

Commission Avalanche coaching program is a scam.  I’m basing this on the quality of the content currently in the member’s area when you sign up —  a good indication of what the “coaching” will be like (hasn’t started).  First, the recorded content advocates using methods to get traffic and write content (like article spinning) that no longer work since the search engines have updated their algorithms.  Secondly, Jimmy doesn’t even teach the training that’s inside (outside of the “coaching”) and seemed a bit odd to me.  Thirdly, Commission Avalanche talks about advanced techniques for certain things without taking you step-by-step through the basics first so you have no hope of making it work!   Finally, when you try to use the support tab to get support, it upgrades you instead!

My Personal Recommendation

Instead if putting your hard-earned money into Jimmy Kim’s Commission Avalanche coaching program – a poorly put together program that recommends outdated techniques and full of more holes than Swiss cheese, I suggest you check out Google Sniper 3.0 by George Brown .  It’s a comprehensive program that teaches you the most popular method and strategies for making money online today in 2015 — from the ground up — nothing’s left out.  Just as important, you’re instructed by a real-life marketer with an outstanding reputation, who does what he teaches, and that provides excellent customer service, so that you’re never alone.  Click the link below to learn more about what it can do for you.

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