What is Profit Jackpot software?

Profit Jackpot is a software and video-oriented internet marketing training program from Anik Singal of The Empire Formula.  With his Profit Jackpot software and system, he claims that you can build 10 to 25 sites in minutes.  The whole idea behind Profit Jackpot software is that by building small, simple sites across a variety of niche markets–what he calls “virtual real estate” as a way of diversifying your online income,  you can generate some nice residual income for yourself.  The idea of diversifying your online income works just like diversifying your money in a retirement account, for instance.  Some sites will do better than others.  It will also keep you from getting bored.  Once you set up a site, you don’t have to touch it, anymore.    Anik also claims that you don’t need to have your own product, an existing list to promote to, use paid advertising or spend time writing content to get started using his Profit Jackpot system and related software. 

Is Profit Jackpot software a scam?

I regret to inform you that Profit Jackpot software is in fact a scam.  Although learning to make money with WordPress is a great way to go, my objection to this software has to do with how it gathers and displays content.  It does nothing more than pull content for stuff on the web that has already been published.  The search engines do not like replicated content and have made changes in their algorithms to penalize and get rid of this content so it doesn’t get ranked.  Also, the content that Profit Jackpot generates often irrelevant, and you have to go back and redo it, anyway.  Furthermore, Anik’s software program doesn’t address getting traffic–unless you buy an up-sell, which together with the main product cost hundreds of dollars.  Without traffic, you’re not going to make any money.  There is also a limit to the number of sites you can create with this software–unless you upgrade and spend even more money!  It’s ridiculous!

My Personal Recommendation

Instead of throwing your money down the drain on Anik Singal’s Profit Jackpot software and trying to get over on the search engines and wasting time you can’t get back, I recommend that you do it the right way the first time.  For that, I suggest you check out the Ultimate Cash Blueprint by Melford and Concetta Bibens.  Not only is the Ultimate Cash Blueprint considerably less expensive, but the main product is full and complete on it’s own.  You don’t have to purchase up-sells to make it work for you.  When you take the time to set up the proper foundation, you don’t have to constantly be worried about being “Google slapped” or the search engines de-indexing your sites.  Because WordPress was designed for “non techie” people, it doesn’t take that long to set up.  With Melford and Concetta’s help, you can also start seeing results in less than a month.  Click the link below to learn more about their Ultimate Cash Blueprint.

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