Ron and Alice’s Writer Help Wanted Review – Is It a Scam

Ron Douglas' and Alice Seba's Writer Help WantedWhat is the Writer Help Wanted Program?

Writer Help Wanted is a video-oriented internet marketing training program by Ron Douglas and Alice Seba.  Through the implementation of their course, Mr. Douglas and Ms. Seba claim to teach you how to generate $1,500 a week and beyond by showing you how to leverage your writing skills via various avenues.  Writers Help Wanted was designed with both newcomers and more-seasoned professionals in mind, so you not only learn to develop the writing skills you’ve got but learn the business side of writing, so that you’re able to command higher rates for your writing, get a seemingly endless supply of clients, and more.  It’s great for those looking to either make a bit of extra cash on the side or those who’d like to build a long-term business and passive income.

Is Writer Help Wanted system a scam?

After immersing myself in it, I’m overjoyed to report that Writer Help Wanted is not a scam or “get-rich-quick” scheme.  Instead, it’s more like an exclusive, underground-writing society that writers in-the-know should be a part of.  One of the things that you really begin to appreciate is that both Ron and Alice are writers.  Ron is a best-selling cookbook author (found him on Amazon and doing a cooking segment on very popular, daytime talk show), while Alice is a wildly-popular Private Label Rights content provider with more than decade of experience.  Their goal isn’t just to sell you some course but to bestow their knowledge upon you, so you can get paid doing what you love.  Put in the work, and you will reap the rewards.

What’s inside the Writer Help Wanted course?

There is a massive amount of content within the Writer Help Wanted system and as such, I decided to review it a bit differently.  There are 5 main sections to the course, so I thought I’d break it down that way in order to give you a better idea of what’s included.  Oh, I should also mention that customer support is available via a help desk.

*Jobs Section: Here, you will find a ton of up-to-date job listings by various companies (like Classifieds) here — those either submitted directly to the site or chosen by the editor (for more-experienced writers) — as well as sites in which you can submit your content for pay on a variety of topics.  There are more than 25 sites here.  There’s a “people per hour” section, where you can bid on jobs and a lot more.  This section alone is worth the price of the entire course!

*Case Studies: In this section, you get to watch interviews from a 8 online entrepreneurs, including Ron and Alice.  The cool thing about the interviews is that each person has a different area of specialty.  Alice talks about Private Label Rights, while Ron discusses e-mail marketing and publicity.  You also get to hear from people who are into blogging and affiliate marketing, Kindle and more.  The longer interviews are divided up into multiple parts.  There is also written text at the bottom of each video with time stamp.

*Modules Section: This section is broken down into  parts.  You learn about all the markets you can specialize in (30+) and how you can make money from them, how you can get paid A.S.A.P., how to get long-term work, how to earn residual income from your writing, and how to improve your writing and build authority.  This section is downloadable PDF’s in case you want to print them out or whatever.

*Videos Section: Here, you will find a handful of videos that walk you through out the analyze the various job listings on the site, how to bid on jobs on various networks and such.

*Checklists: In this section, you will find some downloadable PDF’s on things that compliment the other sections like ideas on how to figure out which market go into, working with clients and optional billing lists, content creation and marketing

Whether you’re a person that has a passion for writing and wants to learn about all of the legitimate ways that you can put your writing skills to good use, so that you’re not only able to write for pleasure but get paid for it, too or are someone that is looking for a legitimate, long-term business model that you use to generate money as quickly as possible, I highly recommend that you check out Ron Douglas’ and Alice Seba’s Writer Help Wanted program.  It is not a scam and comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee.  Click the link below to join the secret, underground writing-society that people just can’t get enough of!

Join Writer Help Wanted Here

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