John Chow IM John Chow System Review – Is It a Scam

What is the IM John Chow system?

IM John Chow is a video-oriented internet marketing training program by the one and only John Chow (known for taking his main blog from $0 to 40,000 in two years).  Through the implementation of his course, John says that he can teach anyone — even if you have no previous experience — the tried and tested techniques that he uses to generate 6-figures across various platforms by laying down a proper plan.  He continues to say that if you follow along over his shoulder with what he teaches you, you can be making a 5-figure salary in a short period of time.  In a nutshell, his course is about creating blogs and learning how to make money from them with an emphasis on e-mail marketing.

Is the IM John Chow system a scam?

The IM John Chow course is not a scam or “make money scheme.”  This isn’t one of those systems that uses some crappy, push-button software program that promises you instant riches overnight but rather a legitimate program that teaches you the core fundamentals of internet marketing (affiliate marketing focus), so that you can learn how to build a real online business from the ground up and one from which you can reap the benefits from for years to come.  Since IM John Chow is the real deal, you will have to roll up your sleeves and put in the work, but once you set up a solid foundation, it takes little time to manage and is pretty “hands free.”

How does the IM John Chow system work?

IM John Chow is broken down into 3 main parts and consist of about 30 videos at the time of this writing — more video content to be “drip feed” or added on a weekly basis in order to prevent “information overload.”  You can see what the video topics will be for up to 2 weeks in advance – next batch of videos is scheduled to be added on 04/08.  In addition to the videos (mostly from the daily action plan), you also get video transcripts in PDF format.  You’re also taken through the course with live examples as well as given homework assignments to help you stay focused.  Finally, you get responsive customer support

Daily Action Plan: the 4 step Freedom Formula, picking and researching your niche, clickbank, picking a product, choosing a domain name, setting up your website, creating content, writing a review, setting up your autoreponder, how to write effective e-mail copy, paid solo ads, ad swaps, holding contest and much more…

Knowledge Bank: building your site 101 – choosing a good domain name, how to buy web hosting, how to connect your domain name to your web host; WordPress 101 – how to install WordPress on your site, how to create posts and pages, how to install themes and plugins how to upload images and more; List Building 101 – why you should build a list, how to create free gifts for your list, building your autoreponder, creating squeeze pages and lots more; SEO 101 – creating LSI categories, cloaking your links, rss feeds, sitemaps, using authority sites to increase your rankings, improving site navigation and more; how to use Clickbank and more

Facebook Empire Modules: basic strategies – key to killing it on Faceook, branding your business, custom apps., tracking your page; generating traffic – content is king, attracting viewership, how to handle negative comments, scheduling your posts; generating leads – how to increase Facebook likes, getting leads, how to get into the news feed; optimizing Facebook ads – understanding Facebook ads, promoted posts, Facebook ad strategy

*Note: There is also a “Success Secrets System” section that contains some done-for-you websites and review and pre-sell templates.  In the introduction video, John calls this an “additional materials” section, so I guess that’s code for up-sell.

If you’re fed up with being scammed and lied to and ready to learn how to make real, residual income online from a real-life marketer known world wide that sets the standard for putting out quality products and putting into practice what he teaches, you need look no further than John Chow’s IM John Chow.  His IM John Chow system is not a scam and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.  If you’re ready and willing to gain the knowledge and skills to change the direction of your finanacial future, so that you can live out your own “dot com dream,” I invite you to click the link below.

Get John Chow’s John Chow IM Program Here

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