Mike Daniels Commission Shortcut 2 Review – Is It a Scam

What is the Commission Shortcut 2 system?

Commission Shortcut 2 is a video-oriented internet marketing training program by Mike Daniels (and Chris Freville – the real brains).  Through his 3-stage plan, Mike claims that he can instruct anyone — even those with no previous experience and special skills — how to generate up to $416,000 in 29 days by siphoning money from one of the largest commissions sources on the planet in conjunction with affiliate marketing.  Mr. Daniels goes on to claim that this can be done by working just a few minutes a day, 2 or 3 times a week.  Finally he says that the cash locators and be set up in as few as 15 minutes and can be done for free.  Basically, Commission Shortcut 2 is about promoting pre-made ebooks branded with your affiliate links to specific sites.

Is the Commission Shortcut system a scam?

Commission Shortcut 2 is a scam.  The main problem with Commission Shortcut 2 is saturation.  In other words, everyone who purchases the product (literally thousands of people) is going to be posting the same e-books to the same sites, which means that you will get banned.  Beyond that, lots of the e-books are old and outdated, so even if you were to be one of the few lucky ones, you still have to worry about really high refund rates — wasted time you can’t get back.  The only real way to make money from this model is to create your own e-book with unique contents, which cost more time, money, and knowledge than the struggling newbie has and that Commission Shortcut doesn’t teach.   Finally, the actual product creator is notorious for releasing crap products.

My Personal Recommendation

Rather than rely on a paid spokesperson (Mike Daniels) and a scam marker with a history of putting out low-quality products that offer little value just to make money (Chris Freville), I recommend you check out Work From No Home by Peng Joon.  It’s a comprehensive course specifically designed for beginner-level marketers that teaches a legitimate, long-term business model for making real commissions that’s well suited for the novice marketer (make money online from emerging products and trending topics in 30 days or less).  Perhaps most important is that you’re instructed by an real-life, ethical marketer that does what he teaches, isn’t afraid to show his face, and provides good customer support.  Click the link below for more.

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