What is the Shoe In Money blueprint?

The Shoe In Money blueprint is an all-encompassing, video-oriented. paint-by- numbers guide by famed blogger and online entrepreneur Jeremy Schomaker (and his project partner Peng Joon) in which the budding internet marketer will learn the tactics that have allowed Mr. Schoemaker to generate more than $1 million dollars per year via blogging.  Jeremy goes on to claim that you don’t need to have an existing website, technical knowledge, or expertise in a niche market (or even know what a niche is).  Blogging is also a very low-cost business model and one that doesn’t require long hours (something to can do part-time, around your own schedule) while still being able to see a full-time income and beyond, so that anyone can achieve the “dot com dream.”

Is the Shoe In Money blueprint a scam?

The Shoe In Money system is not a scam or “get-rich-quick” scheme but rather a tried-and-tested blueprint for generating passive, long-term income on the internet.  Jeremy let’s you know from the start of the course that making money online is about understanding and developing your core strengths as a marketer, having a strong business plan in place and working said plan for weeks (and beyond) to see success.  Another thing that I came to appreciate while going through the Shoe In Money course was that Jeremy carries you through the multiple examples (both inside and outside of the IM niche).  Jeremy brings a wealth of knowledge and more than 10 years experience to the table.  It becomes quite evident that he is the real deal.

How does the Shoe In Money blueprint work?

The Shoe In Money course is divided into 7 main modules and follows the video/text format.  While there are introductory videos at the beginning of each section, the bulk of the learning is delivered via text format.  Outside of Jeremy’s insights, the best part of the program for me is the 30-Day Action Plan, where what you should be doing is broken down into small pieces, so you don’t get overwhelmed.  Beyond that, you also get a free report that talks about 5 steps for creating your brand as well as 4 bonus videos – 3 of which are an hour long and customer support.  Oh, you also get a special surprise (totally unexpected) via e-mail after sign up!  Finally, here’s a brief overview of the 7 modules within the Shoe In Money program:

Module 1 (Making Money Online): the three basic ways for making money online and the method that Jeremy prefers and why, the 10 things you need to be successful online as an affiliate and more

Module 2 (Selling other people’s stuff): he describes the overall process, how people make money as affiliates, and the kinds of things you can promote

Module 3 (Reaching Your Audience):  the importance of creating your persona online (your band) in order to find and connect with buyers in your particular niche, pre-selling

Module 4 (Engagement on the Social Web): social media domination — Jeremy shows you why he has over 160,000 Twitter followers and over 20,000 Facebook Fans, relationship building, the importance of quality content, how to build trust, tools of the trade, getting started with Facebook & Facebook adverting,

Module 5 (How to Make People Do What You Want): the “3 p’s of persuasion” — the psychological triggers that allow you to appeal to your audience and motivate them to buy, how to structure and write your content

Module 6 (Building the Site): the basics of WordPress (very user-friendly) — setting up a domain, hosting, and all that good stuff, how to tweak WordPress to meet your needs, content creation shortcuts, getting better deals from advertisers, FTC guidelines for affiliates, the Nexus law, and more — very important be sure to read this!

Module 7 (Driving Traffic): Here, Jeremy talks about 11 various sources of traffic you can get to your blog as well as his top 6 favorites.  You learn Search Engine
Optimization as well as paid techniques.  I recommend you start out with free and work your way up to paid, so that the money you invest in paid services doesn’t have to come directly out of your pocket.

Whether you’re new to making money online or have been struggling to make you first dollar, there’s no better way to see success than to learn from someone who has been where you are but is also where you want to be.  Jeremy Schoemaker’s Shoe In Money allows you this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  His Shoe In Money blueprint is not a scam and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee (more than enough time to start seeing results with the action plan).  If you’re finally ready to take control of your financial future, so that you can live out your own “dot com dream,” I invite you to click the link below to jump start your online career.

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