What is the Automated Cash Secrets program?

Automated Cash Secrets is an internet marketing training program by Dan Kuschell that claims to be able to teach the novice online entrepreneur how to make between $67.00 to more than $1,000 per day with no previous experience, knowledge, or money required.  Dan also claims that once the Automated Cash Secrets system is  set up, in as few as 12 clicks of your mouse, that it runs on autopilot.  Dan goes on to claim that making money with the Automated Cash Secrets program doesn’t require the use of any of the major search engines, blogging, content creation or paid advertising like Pay-Per-Click.

Is the Automated Cash Secrets program a scam?

Unfortunately, Dan Kuschell’s Automated Cash Secrets system is a scam.  Here’s why.  First, you should know that Dan Kuschell is an author and “life success coach” not an internet marketer!  In none of his previous works does he teach anything internet marketing related.  More importantly, the main product itself doesn’t deliver enough value to teach you how to become a successful internet marketer.  This “course” hinges on “coaching” costing thousands of dollars pitched to you by a telemarketer over the phone!  Customer service is non-existent.  Avoid the Automated Cash Secrets program like the plague!

My Personal Recommendation

Rather than wasting untold amounts of money on Dan Kuschell’s Automated Cash Secrets program that is designed to do nothing more than take your money, I recommend that you check out Wealthy Affiliate University.  Wealthy Affiliate University is a comprehensive video-oriented internet marketing training program specifically-designed to teach the budding internet marketer with little to no experience how to make real money online.  It focuses on building your knowledge and skill set and provides you with all the resources you need in one place.  Your days of jumping from one product to the next with nothing to show for it are over!

Wealthy Affiliate also provides you with the unique opportunity to get mentoring from like-minded internet marketers who have been where you are and are where you want to be such as Travis Sago of The Magic of Making Up, Pot Pie Girl (a.k.a Jennifer Leadbetter) of One Week Marketing, David Bocock of the 4-Day Money Making Blueprint and more!  If you’re tired of all the lies, scams and empty promises and ready for the real deal, I encourage you to click the link below where you will be able to get an inside look of Wealthy Affiliate University as well as read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review before you buy!

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