Aidan Booth Authority Hybrid System Review – Is It a Scam

Notice: As of 02/29/12, Authority Hybrid is closed and no longer available for purchase!  For similar alternative, see Unstoppable Affiliate.

What is the Authority Hybrid system?

Authority Hybrid is a video-oriented internet marketing and training program by Aidan Booth.  With his training course, Mr. Booth claims that he will show you, the beginner or struggling marketer, the exact system that he uses to generate $20,000 a month and cash in within 60 days by learning to create and make money with websites that Google (and the other search engines) find irresistible because they provide value to the end user — based on what he or she is searching for — and beyond.  You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or skills to make this work for you — that means no product, no existing website, or list.  All you have to do, According to Aidan, is follow directions.  In terms of the time commitment, he recommend about an hour a day.

Is the Authority Hybrid system a scam?

Authority Hybrid system is not a scam or “make money” scheme.  You also won’t find any of the usual junk “software” that has become so commonplace and seemed to plague the internet marketing as of late.  Instead, Authority Hybrid is a comprehensive blueprint that uses perhaps the most popular business model for those looking to make real money online.  Just as important, You are taught by a real-life marketer, Aidan Booth, who actually uses the techniques that he teaches, which is why he is able to provide you with live examples.  He is also one of the few marketers to have remained ethical during his 6-year career.  Because Aidan and his Authority Hybrid are legit, you’re gonna have to make the effort to learn and implement what you learn to see results.

How does the Authority Hybrid system work?

The Authority Hybrid system comes with more than 40 videos spread throughout 7 modules.  In addition, it also comes with a quick start guide and more than 250 pages of written content for those of you who prefer to read.  You also have access to 20+ Premium WordPress themes so your blog will have a look and feel that fits you.  You also get a large niche list of profitable markets you can go into and Aidan’s “Stamp of Approval” where he will review you’re market research BEFORE you build your site to ensure success .  There will be 4 live webinars where you can ask questions live and more.  You also get the “Desktop Reference” that outlines the entire methodology and helps to keep you on track.  You also have access to one website review as well as the member’s forum.  Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn inside:

*How to do proper market research

*Which niches you should avoid

*How to do keyword resarch

*How to know what a keyword will earn you

*How to set up domain names and hosting

*How to build your website (blog)

*How to integrate social media into your site

*How to set up various income streams for your blog

*How to get traffic (free and paid)

*How to take your business to the next level…and lots more

Whether you’re new to IM or tired of falling victim to all those crappy, “make-money-miracle” products that seem to hit your inbox on an almost daily basis and struggling, you need to acquire the knowledge and skills you need to do just that so you can take advantages of the many opportunities that lay ahead.  More importantly, you need to learn from someone who practices what he teaches.  For this, you need look no further than Aidan Booth’s Authority Hybrid.  His Authority Hybrid system is not a scam and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.  Click the link below to learn more about what it can do for you.


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