Mass Money Traffic Machine System Review – Is It a Scam

What is Mass Money Traffic Machine system?

Mass Money Traffic Machine is a video-oriented internet marketing and software program by Dan Jeffreys and Melford Bibens.  With the use of his system and its related software, Mr. Jeffreys claims that that he can teach the average joe or jane — with little to no experience — how he or she can bring in as much as $924.00 per day on autopilot by working less than an hour a day and learning to create money-generating traffic pages that take advantage of free traffic.  Dan continues to say that the software itself only takes seven minutes to install and that you don’t need to have an existing site, be tech savvy or even be talented at writing to make this program work for you.

Is Mass Money Traffic Machine system a scam?

Mass Money Traffic  Machine is indeed a scam.  While Mass Money Traffic Machine is all about building sites that bring in traffic, they never actually teach you how to set up a site on your own domain, which makes no sense.  Further, generating the actual content for your site becomes an issue because they recommend unethical techniques that will get your site penalized (due to Google algorithm updates), so you aren’t even able to rank in the search engines.  In this case, I’m referring to a plugin that steals other people’s already-published content from various article sites.  Finally, Dan pretty much glosses over the ins and outs of getting traffic with like a two minute talk without showing you how to do anything.

My Personal Recommendation

Instead of putting your money into a garbage product that is absent of critical information and advocates the use of “black hat” methods that will come back to bite you in the butt (Mass Money Traffic Machine), I recommend you take a look at Work From No Home by Peng Joon.  It’s a current and complete course that teaches a genuine, long-term method for generating affiliate commissions as fast as possible (make bank from trending topics and emerging products in about 30 days).  It’s also important to know that, unlike with a lot of programs, you’re gonna be instructed by an ethical marketer with years of real-life experience and who provides good customer service.  Get started below.

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