Tim Alexander Free Commissions System Review – Is It a Scam

What is the Free Commissions system?

Free Commissions is a video-oriented, internet marketing training and software program by Tim Alexander and his partner Tim Atkinson.  Through the use of his 5-minute, free commission system and his weekly coaching, Tim claims that he can teach the novice marketer — one with no experience — how to generate thousands of dollars per day by just working minutes per day.  All you have to do is point, click, and collect.  Mr. Alexander also says that once you have everything up and running, its “set and forget” — as it runs on autopilot and requires no maintenance.  His program also works with various networks.  Free Commissions is mainly about making money from squeeze pages (like big opt-in forms to collect potential customers’ info).

Is the Free Commissions system a scam?

Yeah, the Free Commissions software course is a scam.  There are a few reasons for this.  The first major flaw in the course is that while using a squeeze page to capture people’s information (leads) is very real, you still have to know how to drive targeted traffic to those pages, so that you can promote to them later on — something that Free Commissions doesn’t teach you, and since squeeze pages don’t get ranked in the search engines like blog posts, there is no hope of you making any money.  Also, the supposed “coaching” and “support” are just clever ways for Tim to sale you one of his 3 up-sells that cost nearly $200 a piece — crazy!  Finally, Tim Alexander  is a really annoying actor, and the actual creator has a rep for putting out scam products.

My Personal Recommendation

In lieu of throwing away your hard-earned cash into an incomplete course that’s designed to do nothing more than take your money — leaving you with nothing to show for it (Free Commissions) and putting your faith into an annoying paid actor that doesn’t know his head from his butt (Tim Alexander), I suggest that you check out Work From No Home by Peng Joon.  It’s a thorough course that teaches a legitimate, long-term solution for making real commissions online (making money from emerging products and trending topics in about 30 days).  Most importantly, you’re being instructed by an actual marketer with years of experience that does what he teaches and provides excellent product support.  Click the link below for more.

Get More Details About Work From No Home Here

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