What is the Get Facebook Ads Free system?

As the name implies, Get FB Ads Free is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program by Jani G and Alex Malave.  The premise behind Get Facebook Ads Free is to teach the newbie internet marketer how to leverage the enormous popular and endless supply of traffic that comes with Facebook’s more than  as an alternative method to combat the outrageous rising cost associated with paid techniques like Pay-Per-Click/adwords.  The duo also claims that with Get Facebook Ads free that you can start making money within the hour in as few as 4 clicks on your mouse and only spending about 20 minutes a day using the system and accompanying software.

Is the Get Facebook Ads Free system a scam?

Unfortunately, Jani G and Alex Malave’s Get Facebook Ads Free system and it’s associated software are a scam.  Simply put, there is no way to get fb ads free, and there is no “magic software” or “loophole” that is going to change that.  Secondly, even if the product could do what it claimed (it  can’t), it is incomplete.  The main product only consist of videos which don’t provide you with any real info just so pitch more crappy and more expensive  up-sells, which can’t be downloaded, even if you pay for them.   A number of people have reported that the videos crash seconds into viewing them as well.  DO NOT waste your money on this piece of crap!

My Personal recommendation(s)

Rather than throw away your money on Jani G and Alex Malave’s Get FB Ads Free system and it’s software, I recommend that you check out Hyper Facebook Traffic by Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker if you are interested in learning how to make money with Facebook.  There are a number of legitimate ways (both free and paid) to make money from Facebook, but it’s important that you learn how to do it the right way and from people who actually know what they are doing, and who have long-standing, proven track records of success.  Adeel and Bobby are those men.  With their Hyper Facebook Traffic, you’ll learn various methods, get live case studies, and more.

Get More Info on Hyper Facebook Traffic Here

For those of you who are totally turned off by the social media craze (who can blame you) who would rather take a more traditional, long-term strategy to building a solid business online from the ground up–without all the hype, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate University.  I would equate Wealthy Affiliate to that of a university library on all things internet marketing.  Not only does it provide you will information to build upon your knowledge as a marketer but all the resources you need in one place as well.  Wealthy Affiliate was just updated, and teaches you how to get your business up and running in a month with “Success in 30 Days!”  To get an inside look & more info, click the link below:

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