What is Mass Income Multiplier software?

Mass Income Multiplier is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program by Tony Perr.   With his software and its associated training, Mr. Perr claims that he can teach anyone — regardless of their background — how he has made a fortune online and how to automate their online business by addressing the 3 major problems when it comes to making money online: site creation (including getting content for your site), free traffic generation, and list building (like a “virtual Rolodex” so that you can promote products to people over and over again but with a unique twist — using a private, Facebook-like social network site.  You don’t need to have an existing website, list, product of your own, marketing experience or technical skill to make it work for you.

Is Mass Income Multiplier software a scam?

Regrettably, Mass Income Multiplier software is a scam.  The “network” of people that you build are basically the other people who have bought the product.  It kind of functions like Facebook where everyone is friends, and you are basically trying to get other people to buy stuff from you.  Since everyone is there with the same purpose and aren’t looking to buy, you don’t get traffic to your pages, are able to build your list or make any money.  Moreover, if you are lucky enough to be able to log in (most can’t), the video content that supposed to teach you how to set everything up doesn’t play at all.  They stall like they can’t be found on the server or something.  The customer support for Mass Income Multiplier is non-existent, and getting your money back is a challenge.

My Personal Recommendation

Rather than putting your hard-earned cash into Tony Perr’s Mass Income Multiplier software program  — a cleverly-designed program to take your money with nothing to show for it and leaving full of regret, I suggest you take a look at Unstoppable Affiliate by Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton.  It’s arming with a legitimate business model and tactics that you can use to make real money.  You are provided with quality content (both video and written) — no junk software, are taught by two real-life marketers with good reputations in industry and who actually put to practice what they teach, and are provided with really good customer service and support.  Click the link below to learn more.

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