Scientific Commissions System Review – Is It a Scam

What is the Scientific Commissions system?

Scientific Commissions is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program by Dr. Christophe Steiner (along side Aaron Darko – the real brains behind the operation).  With his system and related software, Dr. Steiner claims that he’ll show you how to generate up to $40,000 per month just by opening up the software, inputting data into specified fields, and letting it run — which in turn cause “commission spikes” like you’ve never seen.  He also claims that Scientific Commissions works for everyone — even if you’re just getting started online and working an hour a day.  Basically, you learn how to promote products via webinars or live chats — where you encourage people to buy stuff by letting them see inside the product, offering discounts not available to the public and so on.

Is the Scientific Commissions system a scam?

Unfortunately, Scientific Commissions software is a scam.  Instead of teaching you how to use webinars to make real money, Scientific Commissions software simulates a fake, live chat (you input data the customer sees) to trick people into buying the product!  What makes it even worse is that Scientific Commissions only allows you to promote their product, so everyone who buys the course will be doing the same thing!  It’s a total pyramid scheme, and the product provides no real value.  You should also be aware that Aaron Darko,has such a poor reputation for putting out scammy products with high refund rates he  that is no longer longer allowed to advertise his products on Clickbank, which gives you some idea of how bad his stuff is.  Since Scientific Commissions isn’t on Clickbank, you’re going to have a hard time getting your money back.

My Personal Recommendation

Rather than putting your faith and money in a sleezy paid actor like Dr. Christophe Steiner and one of the most unethical marketers out there (Aaron Darko) and relying on their Scientific Commissions software program to bring you untold riches (won’t happen), I recommend you check out Unstoppable Affiliate where you learn a proven, long-term business model for generating commissions that put real money in your bank account so you can pay your actual bills.  More importantly, you are taught by two guys who actually do what they teach, continue to have outstanding reputations for the quality of their work (Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton), don’t hide behind paid actors, and provide excellent customer service to ensure your success.  Click the link below for more.

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