Bruce Kelly Commission Breakthrough Review – Is It a Scam

What is Commission Breakthrough software?

Commission Breakthrough is an internet marketing training and software program by Bruce Kelly.  With his training and software program, Bruce claims that someone with no prior knowledge or experience can use it to generate thousands of dollars a day with just 20 minutes of clicking around on the computer per day — after the initial setup (takes an hour or so).  Mr. Kelly also claims that you don’t need to know anything about websites, marketing, sales, article writing or the like because his Commission Breakthrough software finds what to sell, buyers to sell it to, uploads it to the internet, and delivers targeted traffic to it.  The Secret:  It’s basically about building sites and promoting products based upon what people are looking for specifically on Wikipedia.

Is Commission Breakthrough software a scam?

Bruce Kelly’s Commission Breakthrough software is a scam.  There a few issues with it that will prevent you from seeing success.  First, the Commission Breakthrough software malfunctions — some kind of coding error.  It actually caused my computer to freeze up  — forcing me to uninstall it.  More specifically, the part of the software that supposed to give you traffic stats for Wikipedia  — the most important element so you know if a niche is viable — doesn’t work.  Secondly, the software requires that you input a niche in order for it to provide you with any info, but Bruce doesn’t teach you how to find niches — just examples of what not to do.  Finally, you could also get your links taken down by moderators and you to get banned from the site for 30 days — actually happened to users.

My Personal Recommendation

Rather than sinking your hopes, dreams, and hard-earned money into Bruce Kelly’s Commission Breakthrough “miracle” software that uses a flawed business model, I recommend that you instead invest in quality training that focuses on enhancing your knowledge  and skills and one that is based on sound principles that yield long-term, consistent results and put money in your pocket.  For this, I suggest Work From No Home by Peng Joon.  It’s all about learning to make money from trending topics and product launches in 30 days or less, which makes it perfect for the holidays.  It’s also taught by a real marketer who practices what he preaches and uses real examples.  Click the link below to learn more.

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