Shawn Casey Fast Fire Sites Software Review – Is It a Scam

What is Fast Fire Sites software?

Fast Fire Sites is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program by Shawn Casey and his partner for this project, Brian Coz.  Through the implementation of their training program, they claim you will own a top 10-ranked website that harnesses free traffic from Google for life and will also allow you to generate passive, monthly income (work once but continue to see commissions roll in — all thanks to the search engines).  They also claim that the Fast Fire Sites system provides you with fully-monetized (several ways in which you can make money from them) and fully-optimized (all the stuff you need to do to get seen in Google is done for you).  You can have your blog set up and running in a day or less.

Is Fast Fire Sites software a scam?

The Fast Fire Sites software program is a scam.  There are a number of reasons for this.  First, the main part of Fast Fire Sites is nothing more than a keyword research tool.  There are totally free tools like the Google planner keyword tool that do the same thing and provide you with a more accurate results since they come directly from Google.  Secondly, you have to already know what niche market you want to go into in order for Fast Fire Sites to generate a list of keywords, but Shawn nor Brian teaches you how to do this.  They also don’t bother to teach you how to write or outsource content for your site.  Without content, there’s nothing for people to buy!  They don’t teach you any traffic methods, either.  They just refer you to this paid platform so they can get more money from you.

My Personal Recommendation

Rather than wasting your money on Shawn Casey and Brian Coz’s Fast Fire Sites software program — one that’s full of more holes than the Titanic and won’t teach you what you need to succeed, I suggest you look into Google Sniper 3 (new for 2015) by George Brown.  It’s a step-by-step, training program that teaches you how to generate commissions as quickly as possible via product launches and hot trends (have gotten results in as few as 12 days) in any profitable niche market.  George also does what he teaches, takes you through live examples, and provides quality customer service.  Click the link below to learn more.

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