Rob Walker’s Commission Black Ops Review – Is It a Scam

What is Commission Black Ops software?

Commission Black Ops is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program by Rob Walker.  Through implementing his software and training, Rob claims that he can teach you how to generate thousands of dollars a day.  The software is so simple to use that anyone–regardless of your prior internet marketing experience (or lack thereof) can make it work for you.  All you have to do is download the software and use what he calls his “3-word method” and click “run.”  You’re able to start seeing results within a few hours of implementation.  Also, you can use Commission Black Ops regardless of whether you are looking to promote digital products on Clickbank or physical products via Amazon and others.

Is Commission Black Ops software a scam?

Unfortunately, Rob Walker’s Commission Black Ops software program is a scam.  It’s actually about creating WordPress sites.  Creating a blog or website is a highly-recommended way to make money online in a relatively short amount of time, but this program has a number of faults that prevent you from achieving this goal.  First and foremost, the training leaves out a very crucial step to bringing in traffic: how to do proper keyword research.  Without targeted keywords, you won’t be able to get traffic.  No traffic equals no money.  Also, Commission Black Ops doesn’t teach you how to legitimately generate content for your site.  Instead, it just pulls existing content from other people’s site.  The search engines don’t like duplicate content and will punish you by not allowing your site to rank.

My Personal Recommendation

In lieu of spending your money on Rob Walker’s “miracle software” that’s not going to do anything for you and have you waiting in line for refund, I recommend that you check out Google Sniper 3 (new for 2015) from George Brown.  You learn how to legitimately make money with the WordPress platform and how to build a real online business that generates residual income and will pay off for years to come as quickly as possible via promoting product launches in a variety of niches and trending topics and a whole lot more!    If you’ve been struggling to make money online and wondering how the big guys do it, this is it!  Click the link below to learn more about what the Google Sniper can do for you.

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