Pawel Reszka Definite Income Plan Review – Is It a Scam

What is the Definite Income Plan?

Definite Income Plan is a video-oriented internet marketing training program by Pawel Reszak that teaches you how to make money online using slideshow and document sites to bring in traffic and get higher rankings in the search engines to your pages.  The unique thing about the Definite Income Plan is that it can stand alone or be used as part of your overall marketing strategy, so it works if you are a complete beginner and don’t have a site or are a more advanced marketer.  Note: If you don’t have Power Point/MS Office, I recommend Open Office (free).

Is the Definite Income Plan a scam?

The Definite Income Plan is not a scam in any way shape of form.  In fact, the method that Pawel teaches you is often utilized by the “big dawgs” during product launches after the buzz picks up and right before the product launches so that those in the know that snatch the top spots in the search engines and the like.  The effect is much like that of a high-ranking social bookmarking site like Digg, but it’s not something that is talked about or even shared in traditional “make money online” programs.  The Definite Income Plan is unique in that way.

How does the Definite Income Plan work?

The Definite Income Plan comes with 6 videos, the Definite Income Plan e-book, which provides you with an overall picture of the course and is good for those who don’t like to stay stuck behind their desk as well as a mind map to keep you organized and on track.  You also get a total of 4 bonuses, including a monthly report packed with the latest tips and tricks for as long as you are a member.  You also get support via e-mail from Pawel Reszka and his team.  Below is a brief overview of what you learn inside the Definite Income Plan.

*How to figure out which markets to go into

*How to figure out which products to promote

*How to get paid instant Paypal commissions (go Premier acct. so pymts. aren’t limited)

*How to find profitable keywords (I really like the method he uses for this).

*How to set up your accounts and where you should submit your slide shows/docs

*How to generate content for your slide shows/docs

*How to increase your income with adsense

*Additional strategies for boosting your profits

Whether you are completely new to making money online or looking for something special to bring you in better rankings and more traffic in order to compete with the top dawgs that you won’t find anyway else, Pawel Reszka’s Definite Income Plan is the way to go.  His Definite Income Plan is not a scam and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. I hope you have enjoyed this Definite Income Plan review and encourage you to click the link below to get the Definite Income Plan.

Get Pawel Reszka’s Definite Income Plan Here

17 thoughts on “Pawel Reszka Definite Income Plan Review – Is It a Scam

  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to thank you for writing a real review of this product.I lost track of how many other so called reviews I clicked on. They were nothing more than rewrites or exact copies of the sales page for the product.I’m not sure if I will buy yet but if I do decide to buy,I will purchase from you.

  2. I have one more question, In his site he says after the 47 dollars is paid there is no cost required after that to make money? Is this really true? Because Ive seen a lot of programs that say there is no additional out of the pocket cost after you purchase the program. Thanks.

  3. Hi, Brad. Yeah, I really did buy it. When I was searching for reviews on it, I found that a lot of them just re-started what was on the sales page and didn’t provide any real information. If you are looking for an alternative income stream and a way to boost your search engine rankings that’s not all competitive and something that not everyone else is doing, it’s a good way to go.

  4. That’s true. There are some up-sells, as usual, which you might benefit from depending on your skill level, but the core course is only $47.

  5. Hey man, I’ve never signed up for one of these online businesses before, so at the moment Im kinda cautious about what I do. I had a friend get his money ripped off him because he signed up with one of these so called ‘online money making’ websites, so thats got me not knowing what to do. Yet, I have the money to pay for this thing, and from what your saying it real. Plus I really need a way to make money. Is there anyway that you could prove this works? Maybe an email showing material? Thanks bro

  6. I can’t show you the inside via an e-mail because of the way the course it setup. Sorry. You sound confused. Have you ever made money online before?

  7. I would recommend that you go with Wealthy Affiliate. It is a comprehensive internet marketing training program that takes you from beginner to advanced and provides you with all the resources you need in one place so you don’t have to keep bouncing from one product to the next. It was also recently updated and has great support. I have been a member since Dec. 3, 2007 and love it. There are also a number of high-profile internet marketers within WA (i.e. Travis Sago of the “Bum Marketing Method” and “The Magic of Making Up,” Pot Pie Girl (a.k.a. Jennifer Ledbetter) of One Week Marketing, and David Bocock of the 4-Day Money Making Blueprint. Although I don’t have a review of it, (due to the fact it’s so comprehensive), I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about it.

  8. A little while back I asked if there were upsells and you said yes. Do I need to buy the upsells to make money or can i make money just paying the 47.00 and then going through the course to learn how to implement it? Thanks

  9. Hey, Brad. You do not need the up-sells to make the course. If, however, they peek your interests, you might wanna check them out.

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