What is the Cash Triggers system?

Cash Triggers is a video-oriented internet marketing training and software program by Katie and Andrew X (the real brains behind the operation).  With the Cash Triggers system, Katie claims that she can teach anyone — with nothing more than an internet connection — how to generate thousands of dollars a day by placing picture ads on a free site and using her simple 3-step strategy to drive hoards of free traffic to any affiliate link (or site) of your choice.  She goes on to claim that setting up these “cash triggrs” only takes up about an hour so so a day and once complete, they run on complete autopilot — requiring no maintenance.  Basically, Cash Triggers is all about making money with the new social media site Pinterest.

Is the Cash Triggers system a scam?

The Cash Triggers system is a scam and complete waste of your money and time.  There are a few reasons I say this.  First, the method taught — that you can just make money with Pinterest by sending people to your affiliate link once they click on the associated picture does not work.  Pinterest has banned this practice.  If they find out you have done it, they close down your account.  Additionally, the Cash Triggers software does nothing more than spam the site — not good.  Furthermore, the Cash Triggers course only consist of one video, which they actually purchased from another site (cost less money there, didn’t even both to change the name), and the rest of the course is up-sells — really.  This course was thrown together for the sole purpose of getting money from newbie marketers that don’t know any better.  Don’t fall for it!

My Personal Recommendation

Rather than putting your trust in a crappy product like Cash Triggers that uses spammy tactics that could get you into some hot water, replying on a paid actor (Katie), and a marketer so mysterious that he doesn’t have a last name or ever show his face (Andrew X), I recommend you take a look at Work From No Home by Peng Joon — a real-life marketer with years of experience in doing what he teaches, one that uses honest, legitimate methods to make real money (making money with emerging products and trending topics in 30 days or less, great for holidays), one that guides you through the process using real-life examples and provides really good customer support.  Click the link below to learn more.

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