What is the Affiliate Overthrow system?

Affiliate Overthrow is a video-oriented internet marketing training program by David Michael (done alongside his partner Bobby B).  With their system, David and Bobby claim that they will teach you the same methods that have allowed them to generate more than $220,000 in as few as 60 days and become internet millionaires.  They claim this is done by teaching you how to drive massive amounts of traffic to a website that they provide to you using free traffic sources as well as teaching you how to turn that traffic into money.  You don’t need your own product or deal with customer service to make Affiliate Overthrow work for you.  In essence, they claim they are going to teach you about making the most of the search engines and e-mail marketing.

Is the Affiliate Overthrow system a scam?

I regret to inform you that Affiliate Overthrow is a scam and has some major, fundamental flaws.  First off, they don’t give you a website.  They give everybody who signs up the exact same affiliate page that they want you to send traffic to so that they can promote their products to the people you get to sign up.  They don’t actually teach you basic concepts like setting up a website on your own domain, writing content or even getting traffic and building a list.  Instead what they do is recommend a paid advertising platform that they make money from.  They don’t even bother to show you any free traffic methods.  They don’t even give you access to the list of people you bring unless you bring in 1,000 people!  Affiliate Overthrow holds very little value.

My Personal Recommendation

Having your own website and learning how to build a list of targeted buyers is a great, long-term method for making money online — especially for newbies, but it’s important you learn to do things the right way and be taught by people who actually “walk the walk,” so to speak.  Instead of wasting your money on David Michael’s Affiliate Overthrow, I suggest Unstoppable Affiliate by Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton.  It’s a quality program that equips you with real knowledge and skills that put real money into your bank account.  Perhaps most important is that it comes with really good customer service so you’re never alone as well as a money back guarantee.  Click the link below for more.

Get More Info on Unstoppable Affiliate Here